Discover the Beauty and bounty of Lake County Wine Country

Trip Overview:

Are you looking for the best escape or for a romantic private custom tour package to California Wine Country? Or the perfect getaway to a remote wine country away from busy and commercial wineries of Napa Valley? This private custom tour is the ideal personalized alternative  wine tour getaway that will take you away from Napa and Sonoma wine countries busy wineries and crowded roads.   

There are many things to see  and do in this beautiful remote wine country that we cannot even mention, only our tour guides know how to get these hidden gems and off the beaten path wineries and attractions. They will tailor-make your wine country trip itinerary to visit gorgeous sites and quaint small hidden wineries off the beaten path, you’ll not be disappointed. Leave the planning and driving to us and we will make your journey a pleasant and a relaxing getaway to Lake County Wine Country.

Tour Description

Drive to Lake County Wine Country through Napa Valley, Calistoga, and the scenic Highway 28, to visit California’s best-kept secret wine region with unmatched serenity and beauty. Let our passionate guide-drivers take you on this fascinating custom tour – a journey away from the large bus tours and crowded wineries. Enjoy Lake County’s stunning scenery, dramatic landscape and gorgeous rolling vineyards overlooking the beautiful lake. As you wind and twist along the uphill roads in Lake County, you will make several stops on the way to sip on local vintages and chat with local wine makers. Many are among the top wine makers in Napa Valley and have since relocated to Lake County where they started their own wineries.

Enjoy champagne and wine in a rustic winery while admiring the serene views of Lake County.  Or take a tram or 4x4 jeep ride to reach more remote vineyards located at higher elevations. You also have the option of a picnic lunch with a glass of refreshing wine at a winery. In addition, your tour guide can arrange a visit to old caves where wines are aged, and you can taste your favorite wines directly from the barrels, presented by a wine connoisseur. You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of small and charming wineries that are tucked away in Lake County. Apart from the wine tasting, there are several fun outdoor activities like hot-air balloon riding, hiking, biking, golfing, sailing, mountain climbing and wildlife watching that can be included during this tour. If you are visiting during harvest season, be sure to set time aside to watch these noble grapes being harvested manually.

Golden Horizon Travel will arrange your hotel accommodation and wine tasting reservations, so you don’t have to do it yourself. We will make reservations for you at a rustic hotel with stunning views of the lake or at a casino hotel if you prefer a nightlife ambiance.

Lake County, best known for its Cabernets and Merlots, is popular for its climate, volcanic soils and elevation (1,550 feet above sea level) which creates a drier environment, resulting in less pesticides required. Lake County Wine Country consists of over 8,300 acres of vineyards, found on rich slopes of coastal volcanic mountains and in the fertile soil of the valley floor. It is very warm during the day but cools off significantly at night, which makes Lake County an ideal environment to grow grapes and produce top wines.

Lake County Itinerary and Wineries

  • Day 1: Drive to Lake County Wine Country via Napa Valley or Mendocino
  • Enjoy a full day wine tasting in wineries selected especially for you  and based on your own taste and preference.
  • The Lake County wine-growing region is divided into seven recognized appellations, each with its own terroir, or sense of place, that produces grapes and wines of compelling quality and character. Our tour guide will choose one or many of these appellations (wine growing regions)  in Lake County for you based on your palate and preference : Clear Lake AVA, Benmore Valley AVA, Big Valley District AVA, Guenoc Valley AVA, High Valley AVA, Kelsey Bench AVA, Red Hills AVA
  • Day 1: 5 or 6 pm, check-in at your hotel included in the tour package price.
  • Day 2: 9 am to  3 pm; enjoy touring Lake Country top attractions and wineries, taste your favorite wines and meet with local wine growers. The  wine tasting in wineries will be selected especially for you  and based on your own taste and preference.
  • Lake County has over 8,400 acres producing fruit for wine. Increasingly, Lake County is gaining notoriety for the quality of the fruit and friendly price-points. For example, the Red Hills AVA was recently cited as one of 12 “Next Great Wine Regions” in Food & Wine Magazine. Lake County has also been featured recently in publications such as Wine Spectator and Decanter magazine. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from.
  • History and Geography of Lake County
  • Some of the grapes growing in Lake County
  • List of wineries in Lake County
  • Map

Visit Lake County Wine Country, California’s best kept secret. The first day of your tour will be a discovery of the southern part of Lake County. On the second day, you will explore the north shore wine regions and then head back to San Francisco via a scenic back-road that will take us through Hopland.

Hopland is a rustic farming community of less than 800 people and is home to Mendocino Brewing Company and Fetzer Vineyards, a major producer of red and white wines in North America. There is a 40,000 square feet casino, operated by the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians.
History and geography of lake county

Geographically, Lake County is located about 115 miles north-east of San Francisco. It is surrounded by Napa Valley on the South, Colusa County on the East, Glenn County on Northeast, Mendocino County and Sonoma County on Southwest. Lake County Wine Country was formed in 1861 from parts of Napa and Mendocino counties. 10 years later it was transformed from a general agricultural valley into a grape growing wine region. After the Prohibition era of 1920, Lake County went from less than 95 acres to over 9,000 acres of vineyards. Due to the increasing number of grape-growing regions in Lake County, the area has been divided into several American Viticultural Areas (AVA) that include: Clear Lake, Benmore Valley, Guenoc Valley, Red Hills Lake County, High Valley.

Grapes growing in Lake County include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Gamay Beaujolais, Merlot, Grenache, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Barbera, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Syrah, Viognier and Zinfandel.

List of Wineries in Lake County

Beaver Creek Vineyards 22000 Highway 29
Brassfield Estate Winery 10915 High Valley Road
Boatique Winery 8255 Red Hills Road
Cache Creek Vineyards & Winery 250 New Long Valley Road
Chacewater Winery & Olive Mill 5625 Gaddy Lane
Don Angel Cellars 165 North Main Street
Fore Family Vineyards Wine Room 3924 Main Street
Fults Family Vineyards 11441 Highway 29
Gregory Graham Wines 13633 Point Lakeview Road
Hawk & Horse Vineyards 13048 Highway 29
Kaz Winery 1435 Big Valley Road
​Lake County Wine Studio 9505 Main Street
Langtry Estate & Vineyards  21000 Butts Canyon Road
Laujor Estate Winery 8664 Seigler Springs Road North
 Mt. Konocti Winery 2550 Big Valley Road​​
Obsidian Ridge Wines available for tasting at Lake County Wine Studio
Olof Cellars 5615 Highland Springs Road
R Vineyards   Wines available for tasting at Lake County Wine Studio
Shannon Wine Company 4900 Bartlett Springs Road
Six Sigma Ranch and Winery 13372 Spruce Grove Road
Smiling Dogs 3955 Main Street
Sol Rouge   Wines available for tasting at Lake County Wine Studio
Stonehouse Cellars 500 Old Long Valley Road
Thorn Hill Vineyards 8170 Highway 29
Twin Pine "Off the Vine" 22223 Highway 29
Vigilance Vineyards & Winery 13888 Point Lakeview Road​
Wildhurst Vineyards 3855 Main Street

Tour Prices


This SUV tour is totally private, and the price is per person.

Price per person 1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests 5 Guests 6 Guests 7 Guests
Hotel Accommodation Excluded $2058 $1029 $929 $789 $679 $589 $529
Hotel Accommodation Included $2278 $1139 $1049 $909 $799 $699 $619
Price per person 1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests 5 Guests 6 Guests 7 Guests
Hotel Accommodation Excluded $2058 $1029 $929 $789 $679 $589 $529
Hotel Accommodation Included $2278 $1139 $1049 $909 $799 $699 $619

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Hotel Accommodation Included $4699 $5489 $5859 $6199 $6499
Price per group 1-5 Guests 6-7 Guests 8-10 Guests 11-12 Guests 13-14 Guests
Hotel Accommodation Excluded $4299 $4599 $4719 $5299 $5699
Hotel Accommodation Included $4699 $5489 $5859 $6199 $6499

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Included: Pick-up and drop-off in San Francisco downtown or Fisherman’s Wharf, Marin or Sonoma County, all applicable taxes, a private 2-day guided tour and hotel accommodation, if applicable.

Not included: The price does not include meals, driver’s gratuity, overtime, wine tasting fees and optional activities or features.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Additional Terms & Tips for visitors and hikers


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Our Terms, Refund and Cancellation Policy are as follows:

Term & Refund Policy

-91% of the total amount will be refunded to your credit card if you cancel your trip at least 15 business days prior to the scheduled tour (or the date of the tour or service). The remaining 9% covers the required transaction fees; that’s 4.5 % per each transaction (booking is one transaction and refunding is a second transaction for which we get charged as well). (weekends and holidays don’t count).

-50% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled tour date or service. (weekends and holidays don’t count).

-15% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled date of the tour (weekends and holidays don’t count).

-0% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled 4 business days, or less, prior to the day of the scheduled tour or service. This includes no-shows. (weekends and holidays don’t count)

Please note that all refunds are subject to credit card and merchant’s fees imposed on us by credit cards companies and merchant banks or providers. The average amount of credit cards and merchant’s transactions fees may range between 3.9 % to 9.8% of the total amount of your purchase (transaction) based on the type of credit card you use when booking this tour, the credit card issuer, country and conversion fees we are subject per transaction. Many foreign countries apply additional origination and conversions fees.


Important: Please note that we reserve the date(s) you requested and booked on our website for you and we decline taking other tours for these date(s) to honor yours. We keep a tour guide and a luxury vehicle on hold and make all required reservations and arrangements for you and your party, so please don’t change the date or cancel at the last minute as we have other customers and tours to honor.



General Terms 

– Reservation and Confirmation: As soon as you book online, a merchant receipt is generated automatically and sent to you via email. We will also confirm your reservation by email and send you a tour voucher or email confirming your booking date, tour and pick-up time. This tour confirmation or voucher is only valid for the specific date(s) you reserved on our website, and only valid for the names listed on the booking. You can’t transfer the names or ask for a different date(s), as we have other tours to honor. You may not change the tour date within 15 days from the date of the scheduled tour you booked, and there will be no alternative days offered.


In an effort to honor all tours, we reserve the right to partner with other tour operators, freelancers, and/or our sister companies. The exact name and contact information of your tour operator will be stated on your tour voucher and the trip confirmation will be issued especially for you after we received your approved transaction.

-All tours are subject to availability as we may get several tour requests at the same time. Approved payment transactions do not guarantee your tour unless it has been confirmed via email.

Declined Transactions: 

Please note that when transactions are declined, we do not receive any information in this regard, so do not expect your reservation to be in place unless you received written confirmation. Please contact us asap, but do not expect us to honor your tour without an email confirmation and tour voucher from us.

If your booking was declined by your own bank, this is often due to a mismatch between your bank information (such as the names on the credit card, zip/postal code or billing address) compared to the bank information you provided on our website when placed your order. Sometimes, transactions are declined due to insufficient funds as well. Your tour(s) will not be confirmed until your new transaction is approved by your own bank. We apologize for the inconvenience, but your own bank did so to prevent fraud and protect your credit card information or due one of the above factors.

All our tours are subject to availability even when the transactions are approved. We will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know if the required tour(s) and date(s) still available. Also, all our tours are conducted in English unless otherwise stated in the email or tour voucher confirmation we will send you soon, once your transaction is approved.

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Hot-Air Balloon Special Cancellation and Refund Policy: This is an 8-hour guided tour (door to door when leaving from San Francisco or 6 hours when leaving from Napa or Sonoma Valley).

Your balloon ride will be scheduled before sunrise depending on weather conditions. Your safety is our #1 priority. Some rides may launch from other sites like Yolo County or Pope Valley when Napa weather conditions don’t allow us to fly the balloon. Balloons will never fly when it rains or in winds higher than 12 mph.

Heads-up: The hot-air balloon pilots offer alternative launching sites when Napa Valley weather conditions don’t permit them to take off from the valley. This maximizes your chances to fly from other sites even when weather conditions are not ideal in Napa.

Non-refundable for No-Show or last-minute changes: Our office staff will notify you by 5 pm the day prior to your hot-air balloon tour (generally, we pick our customers between 4 and 5 am at your hotel in San Francisco or Napa). If we are unable to reach you before 5 pm the day prior to your balloon tour because you don’t respond to your email or cellphone, or because you decided not to return our calls, your driver will still show up at 4 am as scheduled. However, if you don’t wake up , this will be a no-show and therefore, the entire cost will be non-refundable as per our refund terms and cancellation policy.

The Refundable Portion of the balloon ride: If you decide to cancel the balloon ride portion of the tour, you must do so at least 72 hours in advance. The hot-air balloon ride is only refundable when the pilot cancels it the same day due to bad weather or for any other considerations. If you cancel the balloon reservation is 72 hours in advance; the tour guide will pick you up at 9 am instead of 4 am and proceed with the wine tour as scheduled.

The wine tour itself is not refundable regardless of weather conditions. However, if you wish to proceed and take your chance, your tour guide will pick you up as scheduled at 4 am. Please keep in mind that we have reserved this day just for you and turned down other reservations to honor your tour, we still get charged and pay all wages and business expenses. For that, only the hot-air balloon ride portion of this package is refundable IF YOU CANCEL IT BEFORE 5 PM THE DATE PRIOR TO YOUR TOUR. If so, you will receive a $190 refund per person, which will be credited back to you within 7 business days. If you book directly with Viator, please review their own terms and policy .

Again, no changes or modifications are accepted within 72 hours prior to your trip. We close our office at 5 pm and your driver goes as early as 7 pm to be able to wake up at 2 am and come over to the office to pick up the required vehicle and meet you at 4 am at your hotel.

We are extremely transparent about these unforeseen weather conditions ,cancellation policy and terms. Please read these terms carefully so we avoid any misunderstanding or blame. Our drivers are humans and go to bed incredibly early to be able to show up at your hotel at 4 am. Please do not make any last-minute changes after 5 pm the day before your departure/tour. We will not even get your message until the next day!

Other terms and information

Wheelchair and Handicap Accessibility issues: We apologize but our vehicles are not equipped with wheelchair access. There is no room for a wheelchair in our vehicles unless it’s a very small and foldable wheelchair. However, the main concern is the customers’ ability to get it in and out of the vehicles for liability issues. When kids, seniors, and wheelchairs are part of the tour, this will slow down the trip, and requires overtime. $179 will be charged to your credit card for each additional hour added to the tour after 12 hours by van, and $129 per hour when touring by SUV.

Pets:  Pets are not allowed in our vehicles out of respect for those who have allergies to pets.


Smoking:  Our vehicles are also non-smoking.

Clothing: Please be prepared for cold weather, slippery roads and hiking trails, so have comfortable waterproof hiking shoes to walk on the snow in winter and spring. This long day-tour is hard on kids and seniors, we therefore recommend the overnight tour package.

Parks, Attractions and Site’s Closures: We are not responsible, nor liable, for road and weather conditions. State and national parks’ closure can happen at any time and without a prior notice, due to bad road and weather considerations. No refund will be issued, regardless the reasons for which the trip may not reach its destination. If you cancel or stop the tour for personal or medical reasons, there will be no refund or change of tour or dates offered either.

Guided tours in foreign languages: All tours in foreign languages are subject to extra fees to cover tour guides or freelancers we may hire to honor your tour in the required language.

Travel Agents: Travel agents are liable for 20% gratuity when their customer does not tip the driver or tour guides. We require customers’ full name and contact information from all travel agent or the tour will be cancelled. Travel agent are also liable for all overtime when their clients do not pay for, and a credit card will be needed on file. Due to high cost of conducting business in California, we barely cover our business expenses and wages, therefore, all our tours are non-commissionable rates.

Gratuity: 15 to 20% gratuity is required and customary in the USA. Generally, a tip may vary between 15% to 20% of the total purchase amount, or it can be a flat amount that is near the appropriate percent. It really depends upon the situation, and your generosity because without gratuity tour guides can’t thrive in this expensive state of California, and without tour guides, we can’t run this business. Thank you for your generosity and understanding.

Muir Woods National Monument new regulations: Once in Muir Woods National Monument, you’ll find out that it has become less crowded and even very peaceful because Muir Woods has become the first national park to require reservations in advance with special commercial and parking permits. This extra cost and in addition to the complicated reservations process turn off manty visors and tour companies from visiting Muir Woods. No one can visit or access Muir Woods anymore without prior reservations and permits. But don’t worry, thanks to our private tours and small group custom trips, we will take care of all the required arrangements and offer you a worry-free tour package, we do reserve and pay for your parking and Muir Woods permits, however, your Muir Woods tickets are not included in the tour price and will be at your charge ($10 per person, but may go up again).

Please note that tour guides are not allowed to conduct guided tours to Alcatraz or Muir Woods. Your Alcatraz and Muir Woods are self-guided tours as stated on our website (an audio self-guided tour on your own for Alcatraz prison). Also, in order to keep the cost down, we therefore do not include a drop-off at your hotel after you visit Alcatraz, so you don’t pay overtime or have a driver waiting for you while visiting Alcatraz Island. The Fisherman’s Wharf hotels are walking distance from Alcatraz landing. Public transportation is very affordable and available everywhere.

Alcatraz tours and tickets and the use of our online calendar: The only online calendar available on our website is extremely hard to manage and update on daily basis. This calendar governs all our tours and available in over 10 different languages which multiplies the number of tour options by 10! When Alcatraz tickets are sold out, we cannot simply block the calendar for these particular date(s) because this will prevent all other clients from booking any of our tours in 10 different languages, this would put us all out of business! Alcatraz represents only 1% of our tours and it’s extremely impossible to block the calendar each time Alcatraz is sold out. For that reason, we have amended these terms and conditions on our website stating clearly unequivocally the following terms regarding Alcatraz tour and tickets:

-All our tours including Alcatraz are subject to availability even if the transaction is approved. We do reserve the right to void or refund your transaction when Alcatraz tickets are sold out, this is totally out of our hands as the only provider of Alcatraz tickets and tours are governed by the U.S. National Park Service.

-We do require 8 business weeks in advance when booking our Alcatraz tour during the peaks season, holidays and week-ends. The peak season refers to the period of April to the end of October.

-We reserve the right to offer you alternative tours when Alcatraz is sold out, if you decline our offer, we simply and fully refund your transaction which takes about 10 business days before your funds are available to you as stated above under section “voided and refunded transactions” clause.

Common mistake some customers do: When Alcatraz tickets are sold out, customers rush desperately to book directly Alcatraz tour on our website without taking the time to review our terms and conditions in this regard, we are not to blame in this case as we made it extremely clear that we have no control over Alcatraz tickets when they are sold out, for that reason we do require at least 8 business weeks booking in advance!

The misconception about private tours: There a misconception about private tours. Yes, public large bus group tours are more cost-effective for the operator, than private tours. In essence, the input cost of private tours and public tours are roughly the same - both provide one driver or a tour guide, one vehicle, same trip length whilst both companies assume the same business expenses and commercial insurance liability. However, private tour operators (like ours) make 90% less profit than public group tours, because all our resources are dedicated to a small group (couples or families), whilst the pubic tour operators make 10 times more profits thanks to the volume(quantity)! We, on the other hand, focus on quality as we never share our private tours with other customers. Yet, although we provide a higher quality tour service, and incur even greater expenses in many cases, the profit margins are limited. This makes some of our private tours barely profitable due to the increasing cost and liability of conducting business in California.

Additional Terms & Tips for visitors and hikers

– If you are subject to car or motion sickness, please consider asking your doctor for recommended medication. Some visitors underestimate this aspect and end up visiting only 50% of the tour as they suffer from this or altitude sickness and make an excessive number of stops along the way. Please consult your doctor and ensure you have the appropriate medication in advance.

– Consider leaving unnecessary luggage at your hotel and travel light so you have more room in the vehicle.

– Wear clothes and shoes suitable for walking and hiking (Snow shoes in winter are recommended, and a swimsuit to enjoy the hotel’s swimming pool and hot tub).

– Bring sunscreen, bug spray, extra memory cards, and batteries for your camera (if applicable).

– Warm layers for cooler weather and a raincoat for summer showers.

– Drink lots of water due to the high altitude and don’t hike alone, as we offer fully-guided tours.

– We are not responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur during this trip, in or out of Yosemite National Park. Please read our < href="/terms-conditions">terms and conditions for more information.

-Expect rugged terrain with narrow, steep, and very curvy hiking trails to the sequoias. Also, be prepared for a downhill hike and then back uphill to the parking lot. The trail is very steep right at the beginning on the way back up but mellows out as you get closer to the parking lot. It depends on the grove your driver will choose for you, but they all require hiking. The elevation at the trail head of both top groves is about 6,200 feet (1,860 meters). The most popular is the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias, the distance is about 2.5 miles (4 km) round trip and takes about 1.5 – 2 hours of hiking, and recommended for everybody who can hike including kids.

-California Gold Country: When Tioga Pass road (located between Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra where a major highway leads to Tahoe) is closed due to heavy snow that may start as early as October until about June or July, we will drive through the infamous, yet legendary, California Gold Country on day 2 and day 3 of your adventure.

-Please note that we may start in Lake Tahoe first, and then head to Yosemite National Park or vice versa. This will depend on the hotels’ availability, the season, the weather and road conditions. We do not work on commission, so you are welcome to book your own hotel, but if you don’t want to deal with these details, we can take care of that on your behalf when you choose the option ‘hotel included’ from our shopping cart.

Hotel Reservation: To keep costs down, we charge each guest only about $100 per night, for a three-star hotel in and around Yosemite Valley area, based on availability. However, if you have high expectations of the hotel accommodation, and wish to upgrade, we recommend that you choose your own hotel and book it directly with the required resort or hotel. The Majestic hotel (the former Awhanhee) is the only 4-star hotel in the Yosemite Valley where a suite may go from $600 to $1200 per night based on availability and the season. Please note that there are a very limited number of hotels in Yosemite, and they are often sold out 6 to 12 months in advance, so the sooner you book the better. However, we often manage to get a hotel reservation nearby Yosemite Valley, in one of the small resort or motel style hotels in the area, for reservations closer to the tour date.


More Terms and Miscellaneous

Foreign Languages: Our tours are conducted in English unless otherwise indicated on your tour voucher. Some foreign languages are subject to additional fees. For all foreign languages, you must book a Private Tour and not a semi-private tour to enjoy the tour in the required language (subject to availability). Additional fees may apply on any additional foreign languages. All semi-private tours are conducted in English and can be shared with other clients. Semi-private tours will no longer be available on our website. Please book your private tour asap as our tour bilingual tour guides are booked up months in advance.

Miscellaneous: Meals and tour guide/driver gratuities are not included in our tour price unless indicated on your tour voucher or email confirmation.

Tour prices do not include additional fees including wine tasting, accommodations, and entry fees to see attractions and sites, winery tours, unless otherwise indicated on your tour voucher or email confirmation.

-All vehicles operated by Golden Horizon Travel Inc are non-smoking according to state and federal laws.

-Golden Horizon Travel Inc reserves the right to hire independent tour guide/drivers, subcontractors and/or contractors to facilitate our tours, shuttle services and travel packages.

-In the event that we are unable to facilitate your tour due to weather and/or road conditions, we will attempt to reach each location, site and destination using alternative routes, but we are not liable nor responsible for these unforeseen weather/traffic conditions. No refunds will be available.

-All photos or videos taken by our staff of our customers or passengers, during the capacity of the tour, trip or transfer, may be included on our website. Customers hereby agree to the use of these photos and videos and under no circumstances can customers dispute.

-No substitution or refunds for any unused part of the tour(s) will be issued. All sales are final.

-No refunds will be issued for a no-show or unused portion of the tour.

-All refund and/or voided transactions paid on our website by credit or debit cards or via PayPal may take up to 2 weeks before you receive the funds (refunds) back into your account.

Our hot-air balloon rides are no guaranteed to depart and arrive back in Napa Valley and subject to last-minute cancelation for weather considerations. Golden Horizon Travel inc reserves the right to fly anywhere within 80-mile radius of Napa Valley dependent on the weather conditions.

-We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or business who may refuse to comply with our safety instructions, our tour itinerary, or to anyone who may pose a threat to our customers and/or our tour guide-drivers. Screaming at or insulting tour guide-drivers or fellow passengers or third-party businesses and subcontractors is not acceptable under any circumstances and will terminate and cancel your tour without any refund. Discrimination against a customer or a tour guide–driver for any reason is not acceptable either under any circumstance.

Cancellation due to unforeseen weather conditions: Weather/Unforeseen Circumstances like fires, landslide, road closure, vehicle breakdown, employees or driver’s medical emergency or due other weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances; we revere the right to offer you alternative tours, destinations for the same amount of time.

Very Important!  Before you book Alcatraz nigh tour:

 Alcatraz night tour requires 70 business days advance booking

2. This shopping cart calendar shows availability because it can't be blocked for only one product as it  governs over 200  products and tours on our website in 10 different languages!

3. All reservations are subject to availability even if your transaction is  approved. Your transaction will be voided if you book an Alcatraz night tour within 69  days.

4. Please reach out to us via our live chat before you book Alcatraz night tour due to the  extreme challenge with Alcatraz night tour tickets availability.  Alcatraz National Park Service only offers this tour from Tuesday through Saturday for only a few visitors(like a lottery) , and that’s only available in the summer!

5. Alcatraz is managed by the national park service; we have no control over their policy and tickets’ availability.

6. We are not blame if you ignore these terms and conditions when booking Alcatraz night tour online

Modifications of these terms and conditions: Golden Horizon Travel Inc and its affiliated websites or contractors reserve the right to change any of these terms and conditions under which this website is offered. We reserve the right to change our web contents, update our terms and privacy policy anytime and at our discretion without a prior notice. Learn more about our privacy policy and complete terms and conditions  

California Wine Country Tour Reviews and Testimonials

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Unforgettable SONOMA VALLEY experience!

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Natasha C Calgary, Canada


Wonderful Muir Woods & Napa Valley

We went on two Golden Horizon Tours during our week in San Francisco. The tours were definitely highlighting of our trip to San Francisco . We scheduled the Muir Woods/Point Reyes and also the Napa Valley tour. We were very fortunate to have Adam as our tour guide during both trips. He was an amazing tour guide and greatly exceeded our expectations ! We would highly recommend Golden Horizon Tours, and especially Adam, to anyone visiting the area.

Ashley Perk

Raleigh, North Carolina


Stop reading reviews and book with Golden Horizons

Stop reading reviews and book with Golden Horizons. .... we highly recommend this tour company, their tour guides are passionate, fun and very knowledgeable. San Francisco is amazing city and Muir Woods is so beautiful and enjoyable. We also visited Larson and Sebastiani wineries in Sonoma Valley.

Highly recommend


Alcatraz /Napa Valley combo tour

Unfortunately, we were not able to get same day tickets to Alcatraz Island, but our tour guide managed to get us night tickets to Alcatraz prison the next day. We were so lucky and grateful - we even booked 2 more tours with this company – they are the best! Alcatraz at night is a must-see attraction for all visitors. The rangers’ talk and the audio-walking guided tour complete each other.


Our Bucket List Overflowed

Our Bucket List Overflowed, a wonderful day in an amazing park with the perfect tour guide!

Katheryn Kennedy - London, UK


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Breathtaking adventure in Yosemite wonderland , and a great private tour of San Francisco combined with Alcatraz. We found this company on Trip Advisor & we were not disappointed!

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The best experience ever!

A wonderful tour package in Yosemite National Park and Alcatraz with Adam. This tour has totally exceeded expectations! The best experience ever!

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Unforgettable & Fantastic! trust their reviews and believe what you read on Trip Advisor; they are consumed professionals.

Chris G., Dallas, Texas


Just Magnificent & Just Stunning!

5-stars to our tour guide Adam, he made this journey unforgettable. He is an expert photographer too!

M. Hachadourian. Greenwich Village, New York


Fun, informative & very professional

10 Stars! Fun, informative, flexible, indulgent, patient,& very professional guides in a warm & engaging manner.

Jarmila Sramkova. Prague, Czech Republic


Believe every good thing you read about this tour company

Believe every good thing you read about this tour company; you will not be disappointed!

Mike and Jane - Nashville


Treated like King & Queen!

Treated like King & Queen! OUTSTANDING and A MUST See!! Without any hesitation, 5 stars!

Loreena’s family Madrid, Spain


They are consummate professionals

They are consummate professionals who really care a lot for their customers' wellbeing and experience- a must do!

Rob & Marhta Baton Rouge


Outstanding bucket-list destinations!

I've run out of superlatives to describe this unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience ...10 STARS + & Highly Recommended

Holly Millard- Holly Millard, IN


"Stop reading reviews and book with Golden Horizon!"

5-Star TripAdvisor Review

You won't be disappointed if you use Golden Horizon for all your tours! Top notch service! Susan.S- McAllen, Texas


Top-Notch VIP Service!"

5-Star TripAdvisor Review

A 6-star experience! Their tag line is to “exceed expectations” and they certainly delivered. From the moment of making a booking to the actual tours - Superb!



5-Star Wine Country Touring Experience Thanks to Golden Horizon’s Experts

“I wouldn't tour Wine Country without them!”

My experiences in Wine Country have been greatly enhanced because I hired the experts from Golden Horizon Tours. Prior to my first dealing with GHT, I was asked about our group's wine likes and dislikes so they could get a handle on where to bring us. They listened and put together two days of visiting vineyards that were right up our alley. Many of our visits were appointments that GHT set up and we seemed to get extra attention from the wineries that we visited. This tells me that Golden Horizon Tours is well respected in Wine Country.

I recently got back from another great tour in Wine Country. Even though there were four years between visits, Adam and his group at Golden Horizon set up another incredible two days of winery visits. The amazing thing is they remembered our tastes from our previous visit and planned our trip accordingly! Patricia was the driver of our immaculate SUV and she even acted as our own personal photographer, picking up our camera numerous times getting those candid pictures that you don't even know about until you're going through the shots. She even gave us an impromptu ride through some Redwoods.

I could go on forever singing the praises of this company...the special little touches, the knowledge of Wine Country and the overall professionalism. Just do yourself a favor...hire Golden Horizon Tours to get the most out of your wine tasting experience!


Rexford, New York


Wonderful Muir Woods & Point Reyes Experience

5-Star TripAdvisor Review

We went on two Golden Horizon Tours during our week in San Francisco. The tours were definitely highlighting of our trip to San Francisco . We scheduled the Muir Woods/Point Reyes and also the Napa Valley tour. We were very fortunate to have Adam as our tour guide during both trips. He was an amazing tour guide and greatly exceeded our expectations for the tour. He always took his time with us and made every effort to show us unique qualities about the places we visited.

He was also extremely generous with his time and worked hours over the scheduled end time for the tour. Our two girls, ages five and six, also loved spending time with him. He made the tours, including the Napa Valley tour, fun for the girls. We would highly recommend Golden Horizon Tours, and especially Adam, to anyone visiting the area.

Ashley Perk

Raleigh, North Carolina


“Reliable and trustworthy tour company”

Just returned from a great experience in Napa with Golden Horizon, and it was nothing short of awesome! Very attentive and personable. Great details on the tour and recommendations of the wineries were spot on for our request. Tour vehicle was impressive and stocked with water. Very safe and comfortable ride. My money was well spent here, and I was very satisfied with their efforts.


Key West


Pure professionals in this Industry

One of the hardest things to do when trying to book excursions from overseas is being able to trust unknown companies. Despite investigating many options, the costs and reading reviews a selection is given to a firm trusted over many years. We booked two incredible and separate excursions with this company based upon older reviews. One to Yosemite National Park from San Francisco with a drink stop at the famous Iron Door Salon in Groveland. The other to Muir Woods and the wine producing areas of Sonoma and Napa Valley. The two wineries visited were Jacuzzi Family Wines in Sonoma and Domaine Carneros in Napa. In between we had lunch and wine at the 'perfecto' Della Santina's Restaurant.

I truly believe that a really good tour is not complete unless you are provided a passionate and skilled driver. On both occasions we had fantastic drivers. Both Buddy and later John (a former Kiwi) were knowledgeable, energetic, polite and passionate about the history and sights of the areas they covered. Both these guys seemed to know everything about anything - and I mean everything! Both drivers were interesting to listen too which made the time between highlights enjoyable and entertaining. GREAT WORK - very professional.

So if you are thinking of using Golden Horizon Tours look no further - you should not be disappointed.

Jimmy D.

Brisbane Region, Australia


“Napa can wait, Sonoma rules”

We had a fantastic day with our guide, Patricia. Like most tourists we intended to make our way to Napa but after a chat with Patricia she recommended we make our way to Napa via Sonoma. It was a great decision and we were having such a wonderful time in Sonoma that we quickly decided to give Napa a miss. Patricia took us to a variety of vineyards, big and small ( we very much preferred the smaller, family ones) and even kept our 12-year-old son entertained with games and fruit picking whilst we busied ourselves with the wine tasting. It was one of our best days of the holiday and it was all down to Patricia taking time to understand our likes and dislikes and tailoring the day. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious, she always made sure we got the best service at each stop and she is a genuine and caring person, it was like having another family member showing us around.

Peter H

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Senior Reviewer


“The highlight of our vacation!”

What a wonderful experience we had in Sonoma and Napa Valley thanks to Adam, our tour guide, and Golden Horizon Tours. We were 8 women travelling from Canada to San Francisco for a 4-day girls’ weekend. Our day of touring around California wine country in a limo with Adam was, by far, the highlight of our trip!! We would absolutely do it again.

Adam was informative, accommodating and very entertaining (we laughed the entire day) and he went above and beyond to make this a wonderful day for us. The limo picked us up at our hotel in San Francisco. We stopped at the Golden Gate bridge for a photo op on the way up to Sonoma, and Adam graciously offered to play photographer for the group then, and many more times throughout the day.

He tailored our tour to give us a good overview of different wines and the different types of wineries in the area. He gave us a tour of each winery we visited, as well as the surrounding properties, providing information about the history and various functions of each place. We learned about the process of wine making, the types of grapes used, how the grapes are grown and harvested, and much more. We visited Cline Winery, Viansa (our collective favorite),stopped for lunch in Sonoma, and then we were off to Artesa Winery in Napa.

We had private wine tastings at 2 of the 3 wineries which was a real treat. The money we spent for the tour was offset by the discounts and savings we got at the various wineries thanks to Adam's connections. We had so much fun that we even extended our tour an extra 2 hours!

Without a doubt, this was well worth the money and made for one of the most memorable experiences of our trip. I would highly recommend Golden Horizon's tour services and of course, Adam! I only hope that Adam had as much fun with us, as we did with him!

Jaclyn R

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


“Fabulous Day Trip to Napa Valley !”

Had a wonderful SUV tour through Sonoma and Napa with our tour guide, Mary. She was so knowledgeable, and it felt like a great day out with a close friend. She tailored the experience to our needs/wants and it was just wonderful. Ask for Mary on your next tour - we will definitely seek her and Golden Horizon tours out again on our next visit to San Francisco.


Ottawa, Canada


“Wonderful Day with Patricia in Sonoma!”

We were greeted by Patricia promptly at 9 am at our hotel and off we went to Sonoma. Patricia has connections with some of the wineries we stopped at. This led to everyone bending over backwards to make sure we were enjoying ourselves as well as some discounts on the wine/olive oils. Patricia was incredibly knowledgeable about San Francisco, Sonoma, the wineries, and the winemaking process. We stopped at a larger winery (Jacuzzi) as well as two small wineries (Homewood and Larson Family Winery). Jacuzzi was wonderful and the gentleman who helped us with the tasting let us try 12-15 wines (we lost count!). Larson Family Winery was wonderful. The views and pups were great. Try the Organic Chardonnay. We loved Homewood and hope you get Maggie to assist in the wine tasting as she is a HOOT. Patricia was wonderful and made sure we were properly hydrated the whole time. Patricia let us have about an hour and a half in the town of Sonoma so that we could eat lunch ( We highly recommend The Girl and The Fig – AMAZING – book early!). After all of the wine tastings, Patricia took us up to the Headlands to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and took us on a nice tour of some of the beautiful houses in San Francisco. The day flew by! It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend Gold Horizon Tours and Patricia! She made the trip! Thank you!

Travis Roberts

Pittsburgh, PA


“Wonderful Experience in Napa”

On this our first trip to Napa, my wife and I booked with this company to provide a guide to direct us to some of the wineries. Also, we were interested in a balloon trip. They provided both to us at a reasonable cost.

We had a great time. Our guide, Albert, was excellent and fun to be with. He took us to outstanding wineries that we would otherwise have not visited.

The balloon trip was the perfect way to view the valley as we floated a mere 100 feet above some vineyards (the balloon had an altimeter on board) and as high as 2700 feet for a view of the entire valley and distant San Francisco. We enjoyed being in the small basket without a lot of other people. Terry (our pilot) was very experienced and offered explanations of the flight as we went. We ended up landing in a school parking lot and many of the neighbors came out to enjoy the balloon, too. It was nice to be able to meet some locals in this way.

Baron and Lisa Ma



“Wonderful Day with Patricia in Sonoma Valley!”

We booked the Private Full-Day Sonoma Wine Tour with Golden Horizon Tours. We were greeted by Patricia promptly at 9 am at our hotel and off we went to Sonoma. Patricia has connections with some of the wineries we stopped at. This led to everyone bending over backwards to make sure we were enjoying ourselves as well as some discounts on the wine/olive oils. Patricia was incredibly knowledgeable about San Francisco, Sonoma wine country, the wineries, and the winemaking process. ...AMAZING – book early!). After all of the wine tastings...the day flew by! It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend Gold Horizon Tours and Patricia!

Jaclyn and Travis Righter- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Trip Advisor Tour Reviews Contributor



This was a wonderful way to experience a wide variety of wines and wineries without having to worry about driving or directions, we had a most wonderful day. Each winery was so different and handpicked to fulfill a different need. Thank you, Adam, you’re an amazing tour guide.




“Awesome tour guide Patricia”

Seven of us (all family members and women ranging in age from 30 to 80) went to San Francisco as a surprise for my mother’s 80th birthday. We decided on the Muir Woods and Sausalito half day and an all-day Sonoma Valley Wine Tour. Since there were seven of us, it was a private tour in a luxury SUV with our wonderful tour guide Patricia who picked us up directly from our accommodation in the Mission district of San Francisco. We were lucky enough to have Patricia for both tours and we couldn't be happier as she went above and beyond our expectations to make our visit to San Francisco even more awesome. We opted to do a Sonoma Valley Wine Tour as we were more interested in visiting the smaller wineries and we were not disappointed... We would definitely recommend Golden Horizon Tours and Patricia. Thanks so much.

Debra B

Ktichener, Ontario


“Best decision I made on our trip!”

I read reviews on Golden Horizon Tours and decided to go with them. This was the best decision that I could have made! I booked two private tours; BOTH were awesome because we moved at our own pace through the tours. ...I would HIGHLY recommend Golden Horizon Tours to anyone who wants personalized and custom tours to wine country (while avoiding the crowded buses!).

Dana M

Bangor, Pennsylvania


“Sonoma & Napa Valley tour”

Thank you, Adam for our SUV guided tour of the wine country, It takes a special man to drive 6 crazy women through Sonoma and Napa valleys! Each one of us had a fabulous day. Within a few minutes of our tour you had us laughing so hard! It was so awesome to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves. We also really appreciated the knowledge that you shared with us about San Francisco and the wine country. Adam, you went above and beyond to make our trip a very memorable one. Thank you! I would highly recommend Golden Horizon Tours and if I'm ever in San Francisco again, this company is the first one I'd call for any and all tours. You should too!

Tracy A



“Another wonderful wine country experience”

Last year, GHT provided a tour through Napa including a hot-air balloon ride. That was so much fun, this year we booked a private tour through Sonoma. Adam was our tour guide and was excellent. He took us to some off-the- path wineries (where he seemed to know everyone) that were very nice, as well as less expensive. We also went by an olive press to get oils. Adam recommended a wonderful Italian restaurant in Sonoma that we would never have located ourselves. At the end of the day, he took us by UPS to ship some of the wine back, before dropping us at the hotel. We highly recommend GHT for wine country tours and Adam.

Stephen l.

Columbus, Ohio


Fantastic Tour with Mary at Golden Horizon

Mary arrived promptly at our hotel and we headed out to see redwoods. Amazing redwoods and Mary shared a lot of info we would not have otherwise known. A short visit to the gift shop then on to a lovely lunch in a town square then on to wine country. We loved Jacuzzi and the story behind their success. Mary instinctively knows how to deliver information in a pleasant way, makes you want to know more about the area!! We traveled in a new Lincoln Navigator, very clean, water provided. We didn't feel the need to watch the road as Mary is a careful and considerate driver. Wouldn't hesitate to go on another tour next time we're in California!!

Gall T.

Fort Worth, Texas


“Comprehensive, Creative, Professional, Customized and Fun!”

We have traveled with San Francisco tour SF twice now. The first time with a very elderly relative and the second trip was more romantic with my husband. I cannot imagine there was any stone left unturned regarding the ability of this organization to listen, understand, customize, entertain, educate and create an unforgettable memory. Nope...not getting paid to write this...all true.

Trust every word- Have Fun!


Wilmington, Delaware


“Fabulous Napa Tour with Adam!”

My Aunt and I went to Napa for the day with Adam and had a fantastic time. The Lincoln Navigator was so comfortable and elegant. I loved nearly all the wineries we visited, and Adam was careful not to take us to large commercialized wineries overrun with tour buses. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and this came across throughout the day. More importantly, he is great fun and has a big personality which really makes the tour so enjoyable. He offered us almost 2 hours for overtime for free! I would thoroughly recommend Golden Horizon Tours (and Adam!) to anyone thinking of using their services. Highly Recommended!

Carina R- Vice President Aircraft Trading

New York City, New York


A Tour Agency who cares about its Customers

It's not easy coordinating tours (Napa Valley and Carmel-Monterey) from another country thousands of miles away with a 15-hour time differential. It's a constant struggle not to get paranoid that there will be a miscommunication somewhere that will ruin everything. But, Golden Horizon, thru Nelly, made it seem like I was talking to someone who was there for me 24-7. All my queries were not only immediately answered but answered clearly and patiently.

Moreover, with a little over a week to one of our tours (Napa Valley), we experienced a death in the family where the memorial service schedule conflicted with the tour date. Even with the very short notice and the confirmed schedules of the other tours during that period, Golden Horizon found a way to accommodate our request to move our tour to a later date.

As for the actual tours to Napa Valley and Carmel-Monterey, Golden Horizon, thru our tour guide Mary, made the experience of our group (4 adults and 5 children) truly memorable. Even with our seemingly cramped requested itinerary, Mary made sure we saw the best sites and ate in restaurants that served delicious food. Also, despite the long hours and the distances she was driving, she never once showed a drop in her energy level.

Thank you Golden Horizon, Nelly, and Mary!




“Great Way to visit Napa Valley Wineries”

My girlfriends surprised me with a birthday trip san fran! We were referred to golden horizon travel by friends who traveled with this tour company before; their tour guides are highly regarded. Adam was our tour guide and he was different from other guides, it was not about knowledge but more about: savoir-fair”, Adam knew exactly which wineries to pick for our group in Napa Valley based our particular wine tasting and palate. Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Quintessa, and Beringer winery in St Helena were the perfect estate wineries for us; I recommend these wineries for cab aficionados. Our guide booked these wineries on our behalf and we were not disappointed. The day went too fast, was fun and awesome. Picking-up the right guide and company makes the difference indeed.

Lyne C



Nuestro recorrido privado por Muir Woods y el valle de Napa

Reservamos este tour de viñedos en Muir Woods y Napa Valley con una compañía de viajes diferente en San Francisco, pero cancelaron nuestro viaje al menos un minuto, el servicio del parque nacional ahora requiere nuevos permisos y tarifas adicionales para visitar los bosques de muir. Nos alegramos de haber encontrado Golden Horizon Travel en Trip Advisor. Su vehículo era muy limpio y cómodo, el guía turístico / conductor, era muy eficiente, servicial y súper amable. Una vez en el parque de secuoyas de Muir Woods, nos dieron tiempo de sobra para visitar Muir Woods y la playa de Muir, y no nos sentimos apresurados en absoluto. Ese fue uno de los beneficios de esta gira privada, pudimos ir a donde quisiéramos, cubrimos una lista más amplia de lugares y sitios que visitar. El costo de la visita privada fue prácticamente el mismo que el recorrido público ya que teníamos una gran familia, y mis hermanas y sobrinos vinieron con nosotros en este viaje. El guía Buddy ofreció a nuestras familias más tiempo, más flexibilidad y personalizó el itinerario del viaje a nuestro gusto, y agregó más paradas para adaptar el paseo a nuestra gran familia y niños pequeños. Las bodegas que visitamos eran agradables para los niños, el jacuzzi y los viñedos de Castelo di amorosa en Napa y los valles de Sonoma eran exactamente lo que necesitábamos, una visita guiada muy educativa y familiar.
Recomendamos encarecidamente este viaje combinado a Muir Woods y Napa para familias con niños pequeños

Isadora Morales,

Buenos Aires Argentina


Muir woods and wine country with Jon

I chose to go with a private tour for two reasons. First, all the group tours met very early and we were coming off a cruise ship and worried about getting off late and missing the tour. The second reason was being on our own schedule and being able to customize our tour. Jon met us right outside the cruise terminal on time. We were able to plan our day and started out for Muir Woods. We got there before the bus loads and were leaving as the crowds arrived. Jon was very knowledgeable about the wine region and we valued his input on which wineries to visit. For anyone not wanting to deal with bus tour and wanting to have input on the itinerary I highly recommend this company.




Excellent napa and muir woods tour

my family and i had an excellent tour with Jon, he was absolutely top class, very kind and customer focused..knows a lot about the places visited , he gave us enough time on our own so we wouldnt feel any time pressure, he made sure we were relaxed and had as good a tour as possible.

thank you


Manila, Philippines


“A perfect vacation in wine country!”

Just came back from another amazing experience in wine country with Golden Horizon Tours as our guide for the second time visiting! Their attention to detail was amazing. We used Adam and his team at GHT four years ago and they did not disappoint! They remembered our tastes and personalities and set us up with amazing tastings, some private, to ensure the best experience for us. Using GHT enabled us to see a lot more of wine country in two days and meet some wonderful people. Looking forward to our next visit and wouldn't do it without Golden Horizon Tours!


Indianapolis, Indiana


Napa Valley Tour

Review of: Best Alcatraz Prison Tickets & San Francisco Combo Tour

Jon was indeed a wonderful and experienced guide, the best we had in our 2 weeks that we spent in the States. This was our first time in the States and doing a wine tour, so we had no idea what would be good and he gave excellent recommendations. Jon is very knowledgeable in a lot of things and shared very useful information for our Vegas and LA leg of the trip.

He was also flexible and accommodating to our requests and it was indeed a relaxing tour that we had with him. We hope to have an opportunity to go back to San Francisco soon and have a chance to take up another tour with Jon.


Singapore, Singapore


“Beautiful wine country presented by the very knowledgeable and entertaining, Adam”

This has been, and foreseeably will be the highlight of our adventure. What a fantastic day! It was invaluable being escorted by a professional as his connections and friendships at the various wineries gave us a much more enjoyable and efficient experience. A scenic drive to our first destination, wineries in the morning, lunch in Sonoma, wineries in the afternoon and a leisurely snack and stroll in Sausalito finished off by the ferry ride back to SF....What a fantastic day. This will be a staple for any and all future visits to San Francisco or the surrounding valleys.


Pensacola, Florida


“Top shelf”

We never write reviews, but this tour was worthy of the time. The private tour of Sonoma with Adam exceeded all expectations. His VIP treatment was second to none. While we know little about wine, we do know service, and Adam's got it dialed in. Well done Adam, well done.

Natasha C

Calgary, Canada


“Napa Valley Tour”

Jon was indeed a wonderful and experienced guide, the best we had in our 2 weeks that we spent in the States. This was our first time in the States and doing a wine tour, so we had no idea what would be good, and he gave excellent recommendations. Jon is very knowledgeable in a lot of things and shared very useful information for our

He was also flexible and accommodating to our requests and it was indeed a relaxing tour that we had with him. We hope to have an opportunity to go back to San Francisco soon and have a chance to take up another tour with Jon.


Singapore, Singapore

Senior Reviewer


“Best way to see wine country!”

We wanted to see wine country, but we certainly didn't want to go around on a big bus full of other tourists and nobody wanted to be the designated driver. Golden Horizon Tours' private tour option was the perfect compromise. Not only did we not have to drive, but our tour guide/ driver (Jon) was very knowledgeable and adapted the tour to suit our interests. I definitely recommend.


Senior Contributor


“Reliable & Trustworthy Tour Company”

Just returned from a great tour experience in Napa Valley with Golden Horizon and it was nothing short of awesome! Very attentive and personable and the tour vehicle was impressive and stocked with beverage. Very safe and comfortable ride and my money was well spent here, and I was very satisfied with their efforts.


San Francisco, C A


“A Fabulous Napa Hot Air Balloon Ride”

Tom was by far our favorite tour guide of all the tours we took in California. At every step, he went far beyond our expectations. He took great photos of us. He loaned me (Phyllis) his sweater vest for the balloon ride. He sought out a wine cooling bag and glasses for the complimentary champagne that we received from the balloon captain. He was flexible but well organized in planning our stops. He had lots of interesting information to share about the area. I would also mention that the SUV was much more comfortable than the small touring buses and luxury. An overall- a great and unique experience. We would highly recommend Tom and this Golden Horizon Tour. The balloon flight is a must!

Phyllis Sillus

Panama City Beach, FL


“A Wonderful Balloon Experience in Napa Valley”

On this our first trip to Napa, my wife and I booked with this company to provide a guide to direct us to some of the wineries. Also, we were interested in a balloon trip. They provided both to us at a reasonable cost. We had a great time. Our guide, Albert, was excellent and fun to be with. He took us to outstanding wineries that we would otherwise have not visited. The balloon ride was the perfect way to view the lush valley as we floated a mere 100 feet above some picturesque vineyards (the balloon had an altimeter on board) and as high as 2700 feet for a view of the entire valley and distant San Francisco (breathtaking!) We enjoyed being in the small basket without a lot of other people. Terry (our pilot) was very experienced and offered explanations of the balloon flight as we went.


C. Ohio


“A thrilling hot-air balloon adventure in Napa Valley”

My husband and I and our three daughters booked the hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley through golden horizon tours. We were concerned about safety because this was our first balloon experience. I got to say, the early ride went very well. We were so excited when we took off in Yountville over Napa Valley. Our tour guide suggested few wineries after our balloon ride... and had lunch at auberge du soleil where! That that was the best location and cuisine in Napa! we can't thank you Adam enough for your outstanding job and excellent customer service ! 5 stars for you and golden horizon tours!

Maria Dolores. V

Albuquerque, New Mexico


“Our Napa Valley trip was unique and fabulous”

I am not keen on writing review but Adam, our tour guide to Nap valley made our trip unique and fabulous! He really read our mind without talking and executed this private tour by SUV exactly the way we wanted it- worth every penny we spent! This is a top-notch tour operator with high standards customer service.

Chloe R

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


“The Only Way to visit Napa Valley Wineries”

My girlfriends surprised me with a birthday trip san fran! We were referred to golden horizon travel by friends who traveled with this tour company before; their tour guides are highly regarded in Napa wine country...

Lyne C



“Perfect Napa Tour & Fabulous Guide”

I chose golden horizon due to the ratings on trip advisor and they did not disappoint. We had three couples in our group and chose the Napa Valley private group tour. Booking was easy too. Mary what a wonderful tour guide, she tailored the Napa tour to our needs! ...Thanks for such a great day we all really enjoyed it VERY MUCH! If you are looking for a something a little more special and tailored for your needs or simply just a great tour, I would definitely recommend you consider this company.


Perth, Australia


“Day trip to beautiful Sonoma and Napa Valley's for Wine Tasting”

My wife and I spent a fantastic day with Jon (from NZ) wine tasting at four small and interesting vineyards. After picking us up at the hotel, we headed across the Golden Gate Bridge for the short drive to Sonoma. Jon introduced us to the owner of Homewood Vineyards as we tried some wonderful reds. The day only got better from there. Jon took us to a great bistro for lunch in Sonoma Square... The afternoon was complete as we enjoyed wonderful cabs at two more Napa wineries. It was very enjoyable being driven around while we enjoyed many wonderful wines from smaller family wineries. Jon's local knowledge added to our enjoyment of the day. Definitely worth it and highly recommended.


Saint Louis, Missouri


“Fantastic guide, great service”

Our group of couples did a Sonoma / Napa wine tour. Our guide was Patricia. We had a wonderful time. Of course, wine country is gorgeous and we enjoyed the tastings. It was tough selecting a tour company since there are so many. We didn't want to just blindly follow the TA ratings. But after days of comparisons it was clear that most are comparable price wise so it was down to Service so we selected Golden Horizons because no other companies provide such personalized and high quality custom services...The overall service of Golden Horizon Tours was top notch. Highly, highly recommend them. My last tip is - don't be fooled by what look like great deals!!! Our costs were close or the same as the so-called deals and we had fantastic service and worth every cent!

Jason L

Senior Contributor


Fabulous Napa and Sonoma Valley Wine Country Tour

We took the Golden Horizon Discover Napa and Sonoma Valley Wine Country Tour. The driver, Jonathan, was tremendous. He was polite, courteous and very knowledgeable of the area and of the vineyards. He took us over the Golden Gate Bridge and then stopped on the other side at an old military base for photos. Then, off to Sonoma and Napa Valleys. The scenery is beautiful, and he was full of knowledge regarding the area and the wineries, as well as, both valleys. We had very interesting conversations pertaining to the area and his scope of wisdom in the different varieties of grapes and what wines they made. He was a sommelier, in my opinion. Additionally, he was skilled at both wines and his driving abilities. After the great tour, we had some extra time and we drove through the Presidio. Then sadness, the tour was over, and we were back at our hotel. When we return to the area, we will surely request Jonathan and do the tour again, obviously, choosing different wineries. We did this tour as a couple and certainly had a great day. We cannot give enough praise to the company and Jonathan for a truly memorable experience. Not meaning to sound snobby, the tour as a couple was great as we didn’t have to worry about others and what they wanted to do, it was catered to us. Wow, a tremendous experience. We highly recommend this tour and company.

James B.

Waynesboro, Virginia


“The wonderful trip around the Sonoma and Napa valleys”

Amazing tour to Sonoma & Napa Valle with a great and well-versed tour guide in the history and viticulture of the area and the wineries, plus excellent photographer...recommended 100%



“Great service and knowledge”

Our family had a Sonoma, Napa tour with Mary. She picked us up at our hotel right on time. Heading out in a roomy SUV, she gave us some info about our tour plus some facts about the area that we were heading to. Along the way, we stopped at the Golden Gate bridge for a "look-see". We had 2 wine tastings at smaller wineries in the morning, very small groups at each and we were given lots of attention. Mary recommended Mustards Grill restaurant for lunch and she was on target, great food. Then we headed to Napa and set our sights for the bigger wineries. All in all, we loved the tour, thank you!



Top Contributor


“Fabulous Sonoma and Napa tour!”

Had a wonderful SUV tour through Sonoma and Napa with our tour guide, Mary tailored the experience to our needs/wants and it was just wonderful. Ask for Mary on your next tour - we will definitely seek her and Golden Horizon tours out again on our next visit to San Francisco. 5 STARS!


Omaha, Nebraska

Reviews Top Contributor


“Golden Horizon Tours - Jon”

Hey Adam! Thanks again for a wonderful day to Napa and a great wine tour experience! We all thoroughly enjoyed our wine limousine tour with you. It was by far the highlight of our vacation! I just posted a review on tripadvisor so you should see it in the next day or so. :-)

We had so much fun that we've already talked about visiting Sonoma/Napa valleys again.



Ottawa, Canada


“Great trip to Napa and Sonoma valley”

This was an amazing tour around the valley, and Luis our host was the best option to had a great time, he was very patient with all of us, helpful in all time, he also is a great photographer, making a good job during the visit, and also he knows a lot about the region and wine he really make us have a wonderful trip

angelica v

Gomez Palacio, Mexico


“Napa & Sonoma Valleys”

Luis is the best host that we could have to visit Napa & Sonoma Valleys. He knows very well every vineyard there and about history of place. Besides he was very nice and helpful taking pictures for the group. Thanks Golden Horizon Tours for your excellent services and the best tourist guide "Luis".

Alejandra M

Caracas, Venezuela


“Best wine country tour!”

We can't thank you all enough for this fantastic wine country private tour-totally exceeded our expectations!

Kristina M

Canadensis, Pennsylvania


“A wonderful tour”

I can't say enough good things about our tour with Golden Horizon and our tour guide, Adam. The tour was my favorite part of a wonderful trip to the bay area...we went to three wineries in Sonoma. Adam was very familiar with each of the wineries and we got incredible service at all of them. Each of the wineries was willing to waive their tasting fees because they knew Adam and Golden Horizons. Each of the wineries was different, but the grounds were beautiful at all three and we really enjoyed tasting all the different wines. We also stopped for a delicious lunch in historic downtown Sonoma.

This was a top-notch tour, and the highlight of our trip to San Francisco! GO GOLDEN HORIZON!


Tampa, Florida


“I highly recommend this tour company; they are reliable and even went off the way to drop us off at our rental home in Sunset district ”

We had an excellent Napa Valley Private Wine Guided Tour from San Francisco with Adam and Cesar. They took us to small wineries off the beaten path and in Sonoma Valley and then to the historic Sonoma downtown plaza for lunch. The Italian restaurant where we had lunch in Sonoma was good. Afterward, we traveled to Napa valley and visited a picturesque winery up in the hills called Arteza. The views are spectacular up there and the wines are excellent.


New York


“Our Napa Valley wine tour with Adam”

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding our first trip to California with your company. I am not keen on writing review ,but Adam, our amazing tour guide to Nap valley made our trip unique and fabulous! He really read our mind without talking and executed this private tour by SUV exactly the way we wanted it. This napa wine tour completely worth every penny we spent! This is a top-notch tour operator with high standards and more customizable way of touring. We have booked a couple of tours to Muir Woods national park and San Francisco combined with alcatraz with a different tour company, but nothing like that! We thoroughly enjoyed all the small wineries we visited in Calistoga and Napa Valley.

Chloe R

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


“Perfect tour and a fabulous guide”

I chose golden horizon due to the ratings on trip advisor and they did not disappoint. We had three couples in our group and chose the Napa Valley private group tour. Booking was easy too. Mary what a wonderful tour guide she showed us parts of San Fran there is no way you would see on a standard tour and tailored the Napa tour to our needs! Her knowledge and attention to detail throughout the trip was superb and we learnt so much about the region, wine and San Fran in general. A few of our group travelled Europe last year and we were of the opinion she was the best guide we have had for our tours.

Thanks for such a great day we all really enjoyed it! If you are looking for a something a little more special and tailored for your needs or simply just a great tour, I would definitely recommend you consider this company.

Ellen H



“Excellent trip to Sonoma and Napa Valley”

My husband and in laws enjoyed a wonderful private 1-day tour with Mary from Golden Horizons to Napa Valley. We had booked the trip before leaving to SF from Norway without any previous knowledge of the firm, and Golden Horizons called and emailed us in advance to confirm the booking and to agree the exact pick-up location. Mary greeted us right on time in the hotel lobby with a name sign and big smile. The SUV was nice and clean, and with water bottles for everyone. Before heading off to Napa, we had a quick tour of the Pacific Heights neighborhood in SF, with amazing houses - as a special treat, we got to see a large 18-wheeler moving truck that had gotten itself stuck on one of the very steepest hills in SF:). Mary also suggested we stop on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo op, which gave really good views of SF city and of course the bridge. As far as Napa is concerned, we really had no prior knowledge of the area. We were very pleased with her suggested wineries to stop at. Mary was very cheerful and certainly knowledgeable about the history of Napa and managed the art of sharing this without overwhelming us - perfect tour guide, and one that we would certainly recommend! She also suggested a very nice restaurant for lunch in Yountville. We had a wonderful and day in Napa thanks to Mary, Holden Horizons and the California sunshine - again, thank you!!


Senior Contributor


Napa Valley wine tasting tour experience!

Many thanks to Golden Horizon Travel tour guides for the excellent organization of our group wine tasting tour in Napa Valley! We have been very demanding, and you guys have been there for us every step of the way . That was a very well-organized group day trip with lunch included ! I can say with no hesitation: this tour deserves 5 Stars.

All the best from all of us!

Jessi, Joe and the team

Los Angeles


Wine Country Private Tour in San Francisco

We enjoyed the smaller wineries away from the big crowds. thank you so much. we'll highly recommend your wine tour to anyone who wants a spend relaxing day in California wine country.

Gavin Dawn

New York



I learned a lot from my wine country tour, my private tour to Napa and Sonoma allowed me to meet some winemakers who explained the process of wine making, it was interesting! Never imagine that it is so complex. then I had the chance to taste red wines, white wines, dessert wines and zinfandel thank you for the free complementary tasting you offered me. I will highly recommend your WINE COUNTRY TOUR to all my friends.




The Wine Country Discovery Tour is a-must.!

Napa and Sonoma combo tour is awesome and recommended for first-time visitors. We loved it! We got to see Napa and Sonoma in one day trip, we didn’t feel rushed and managed to see all 5 wineries we had on our list.

Thank you, Golden Horizon Travel, for offering such great wine country tour

Herbert & Patt Markinns


Napa is more than a wine country destination - we had fun and great food

Golden Horizon Travel’s wine country tour to Napa Valley has really exceeded our expectations! Napa Valley tour is not only about wine but also, about cuisine, ,landscape, architecture....

Awesome tour, thank you all

Ana & Jytte Olsen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Best Tour ever.

My mother and I want to thank you for the great wine country tour you provided ! We loved the wine country. Pinot Noir was our favorite varietal. Thank you all at Golden Horizon Travel. Good Job!

Cheryl Jones



Excelente el servicio brindado por Buddy, nos explicó a detalle todo de San Francisco, habla muy bien el español

La camioneta muy cómoda y limpia


Mexico City, Mexico


Nuestra mejor aventura

Estuvimos encantados de estar con Buddy, fue un excelente guía en el camino a los viñedos de Napa y Sonoma. También nos guió un poco en partes de San francisco mostrando profesionalismo, interés y carisma. Apreciamos por su experiencia y conocimientos sobre este bello lugar en nuestro idioma español. Gracias Buddy y al equipo de Golden Horizon Tours.

Bertha Delgado

Miami, Fl


Fabulous private Napa tour

Review of: Best Alcatraz Prison Tickets & San Francisco Combo Tour

My friend and I decided to shell out a bit more for a private tour of Napa wineries instead of being crammed on a bus with 20-30 strangers and herded around like cattle. So, we booked with Golden Horizon. We were picked up at our hotel in a luxury SUV by Leo, our guide for the day. He had cold bottles of water for us to drink all day so we wouldn't get dehydrated or suffer later on if we had too much wine. The vehicle also had charging ports for our phones, and Leo also had extra cables if we needed them. In short: he was prepared for us to have as easy and carefree a day as possible.

From there, Leo drove us expertly through San Francisco traffic out to Napa to begin our tour. Along the way we came to the Petrified Forest and I asked to stop to have a look. This is one of the benefits of a private tour--you're the boss! So, we stopped, and I had wandered around a bit before we got back on the road. After that we toured the beautiful Castello di Amorosa and had our first wine tastings there. Leo drove us to two more wineries, which were smaller and more off-the-beaten path than the ones all the buses stop off at. Each winery was wonderful and we enjoyed the tastings at them all.

We only had time for 3 wineries because the tour at Castello di Amorosa ate up a good chunk of our time that day, but we enjoyed our day all the same because it was tailored to what WE wanted to do. We were even late getting back into SF, mostly due to some heavy traffic, but Leo didn't fuss about it nor were we charged extra. As we started back across the Bay on the Oakland Bay Bridge he played a variety of San Francisco-themed songs for us as a pleasant way to end the trip. Leo was a consummate professional all day, and he kept us on "schedule" although we never, ever felt rushed or like we were being herded around.

We had a fabulous time, and I would book with this company again without hesitation.


Los Angeles,CA


Our foodie and beer tasting tour experience in Napa Valley

We had an absolute blast with Adam! He made our day in Napa Valley. We drink more beer than wine at home-our tour guide understood that very well, he first drove us to Oxbow market in downtown Napa where we had small bites with cheese and beer tasting. This place is awesome, they totally have rotating drafts that are sure to please us, snack and bites kept coming, so yummy.

My wife loved the cave tour at castello di amorosa winery, the caves are spectacular and impressive, the wine didn’t appeal much to me personally, but the castle is a must-see.

Great tour! good job Adam

David T.


The tour in Sonoma was everything and more than we had expected

My wife and I were on a cruise that overnighted in San Francisco. We took the opportunity to book a day trip to Sonoma wine country. Prior to the trip we contacted Golden Horizon to arrange a tour. Mary picked us up at he cruise port as planned. Mary highlighted the sights as we drove by adding insights from having grown up in San Francisco. The tour in Sonoma was everything and more than we had expected. Mary was very knowledgeable and clearly knew her way around the wineries. As we returned we were treated to even more highlights of San Francisco. All in all it was the highlight of our trip and Mary is @ very special and talented guide!

Gene L.

Tice, Florida


A refreshingly amazing experience

Dave was our tour guide for a tour through Sonoma and he was AMAZING! He engaged in conversation with us and gave us GREAT recommendations. He suggested Gloria Ferrar because I had told him I wanted to find a nice champagne. It did NOT disappoint. We also wanted to learn more about the wine making process. Not only was he EXTREMELY knowledgeable and willing to share, but he took us to Benziger for an awesome and educational tour. He then recommended a deli for a quick lunch (as that is what we were looking for) and that too was incredible! We closed out the day visiting Sebastiani (a personal favorite of mine) and then he graciously dropped us off at Seaplane adventures for the ride we had scheduled at the end of the day! It was such a pleasure to spend the day with him. He arrived on time and got us to our end destination on time without making us feel like we were rushed. My husband rented a motorcycle the following day and Dave gave him a recommendation for where to ride. Apparently, Dave's recommendation was a good one because the hubby can't stop talking about how awesome the ride was. The price was right for the wine tour experience alone, but a STEAL considering all of the other benefits we got from being able to hang out with Dave. AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME!!!

Stephanie G.



We used this group twice in San Fran, once for a 5hr city tour and once for Muir Woods/Sonoma wine tasting tour. Mary was our tour guide during the 5hr city tour, she is born and raised in SF and has so much knowledge of the city. She will specify to what you are interested in knowing more about. To not deal with parking and driving is a dream. For our Muir Woods/Sonoma tour, we did not have to worry about making any of the arrangements. Would highly recommend this service to anyone!

Morgan H.

Houston, Texas


Napa Valley wine tour - Golden Horizon Travel

We did the private tour with David. And Let me tell you the experience was better than we could of ever imagined. After telling David what type of things we wanted to do, he knew exactly where to take us. Off the beaten path wineries, a champagne resort, and great site seeing. The best part was going to Hopper Creek Winery, what an awesome time. Dan runs the place and he opened up just for us. Was a laid back atmosphere and informative as well. Dan could be the coolest guy in the valley. Also, David took the liberty of setting us up with the lunch of a lifetime a Bottega, the short ribs alone were worth the trip to Napa. After drinking wine, eating amazing food and hanging with great people, David swung thru the Golden Gate Bridge for us to take pictures and then even took us down Lumbard street for an unreal ending to the day. With that said, we would recommend this tour to anyone looking for a great time in Napa. Ask for David, and you will be in for one of the best days of your life. Incredible experience!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Three generations to Napa

WOW is the first word that comes to mind. Adam absolutely made our trip. He as knowledgeable, personable, courteous, professional and most important hilarious and patient. I was travelling with my mother and my daughter so he had a huge age difference to contend with and was able to make this one of the best trips the three of us have had together with an added bonus of photos along the way. We did not have to think of anything. Adam and I spoke prior to our arriving, I gave him an idea on what i wanted for my mother and daughter and he took care of everything. Pleasing the vast ages is no easy task and he far surpassed our expectations. His choices were perfection for us well into the evening -- 12.5 hours to be exact!!! We enjoyed his company so much we insisted he join us for lunch and on all of our tours. There was so much that Adam gave us above and beyond what would have been expected that it would be too much to write. I can't imagine that this trip would have been as spectacular as it was without him.

Tracey P.


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  • Our Incredible experience in Lake Tahoe and Reno

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