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Central Valley

Central Valley Central Valley was seen by Spanish explorers in the 1500s but remained virtually uninhabited except by native Americans until the 1849 California gold rush. In 1880 irrigation was introduced in central valley to be the future biggest agricultural valley in the World. Geographically, Central valley is almost the size of  Florida (south to North) ,It stretches  almost for 450 miles north to south ,Limited by  Cascade Range to the north, the Tehachapi peaks  the south, and the Coast Ranges to the west .  and dominated by the Sierra Nevada to the east. Central Valley's its northern half refers to the Sacramento Valley, and its southern half to the San Joaquin Valley. The major rivers that supplies the great valley with irrigation are: Sacramento river (California largest river),American River, Stanislaus River, Tuolumne Riverand Merced River the takes its source in the Yosemite Valley. Within Central valley are located many larges metropolitans areas such    Sacramento ( the capital of California)  Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, Stockton, Visalia,  San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, Merced .Central valley is home to almost 7 million people .It's  is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. Its nick name is "fruit basket of the world." Central valley is home to a large live stock  farms making  California the first state in term of cheese and milk production passing Wisconsin, oranges (more than Florida) , cotton(more than Texas). Central ValleyCentral Valley is also  the  primary source for a number of  vegetables  and fruits  found in all US markets including tomatoes, almonds, grapes, , apricots,  asparagus,),corn and much more .

Economy: Agriculture is especially significant to the economy of California's Central Valley where it generates about $24.8 billion a year supporting 1.1 million jobs.  California central valley agriculture contributes to California's gross state product exceeding $1.2 trillion a year making it one of the world's largest economies. Behind Japan, Germany, England, and France.

Yosemite Tours Reviews from San Francisco

The Yosemite one day tour from San Francisco was a long trip but we really enjoyed the drive though central valley and the Sierra Nevada on the way to the Yosemite. The Yosemite Redwoods, we mean the Sequoias, are extremely wide and impressive. We also hiked to the Yosemite water falls in the Yosemite Valley. My brother and I swam in the pool below the waterfalls of the lower Yosemite waterfalls. That was a quite adventure. The water was cold. We had great pictures taken from the Yosemite Valley Floor where. We would like to come back to the Yosemite National Park and take advantage of your Yosemite vacation package to enjoy quality time at Glacier Point and Mariposa Grove home of the Yosemite Giant Redwoods. Many thanks to the Yosemite Tour guide we had on our trip to the Yosemite national Park.

Denis & Milt Barrkins
Auckland-New Zealand

The Yosemite winter tour from san Francisco-California to the Yosemite offered my group and me our best trip to a US national park. California national parks have a lot to offer. The photos stops along El Capitan & Half Dome were our best in the Yosemite Valley. Touring the Yosemite on your turtle top van allowed us to get in & out easily to picture the Yosemite waterfalls during the guided tour in the park. The Yosemite DVDs were a bonus for all us. We enjoyed every single photo stop along the Merced River in the Yosemite Valley. The Yosemite waterfalls offer a different perspective in winter. Some of the Yosemite waterfalls were partially frozen. The Yosemite falls in wintertime are more impressive than the Yosemite falls in Summer time. Touring the Yosemite Park with a tour guide make the difference. We learned a lot about the Geology of the Yosemite and How El Capitan and Half Dome where formed. Unfortunately, we could not make up to Glacier Point due snow. Glacier point was on our list but we hope will return to the Yosemite and hike to Glacier Point from the Yosemite Valley to see the Yosemite   hidden waterfalls. You travel and vacation package to the Yosemite are pretty affordable and interesting. We also, enjoyed hiking on the snow to the Yosemite redwoods. The Sequoias tree trunk in the Tuolumne Grove is wider than the  twelve customers standing one next to each other. The Yosemite Redwoods and the Yosemite waterfalls exceeded our expectations. The black bears we saw at Glacier Point were so cute. We enjoyed hiking from the Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point. Glacier Point offers spectacular views over the Yosemite Valley and the back roads where spectacular waterfalls drop down into the valley. That was a dream that came though. Many thanks to your tour Guide Nicolas Forstier. 

Nurul & Ning Amalina
On behalf of the group
Tampines- Singapore

It was an honor to write some words for our Yosemite Two Day Tours, You did really exceed our expectations in your Yosemite Two Day tour, thank you so much . Yosemite is located in the Sierra Nevada and to go there we passed to an Old Gold town and spent few minutes chatting with locals, the people are more friendly than people from the big cities. Yosemite National Park is a treasure itself that's why we went two days and had more time to stay in the Yosemite Park, we saw the falls, the famous El Capitan, the Half Dome. it was great.! We have fun!

There are  very few places in the world that generate the energy that Yosemite has, your soul will be renewed. My boyfriend and I enjoy to go to the park as much as we can we went three times in the last 4 years. Wonderful place !  Our guide was excellent teacher he really knows the park. Thank you so much.



We liked hiking and we read that Yosemite National Park has many loops and trails to hike so we booked our Yosemite One Day tour with Golden Horizon Travel and we had really great time…the Yosemite Park is huge, there are many places and beautiful landscapes. The timing we went what so good, because we avoid the peak season and the crowded places. The hiking to see the Giant Sequoias, they are so big, and also we had the chance to hike with other peoples, the effort was so grateful we had a panoramic view of the sierra. Great place and looking forward to take your Yosemite Two Day tour soon


Yosemite bus tour review by Albert S. Moore.

I got to post this Yosemite bus tour review before I forget. My friends and I wanted to rent a van from San Jose and drive up to the Yosemite but we ended up having 18 people instead of 12.We called Golden Horizon Travel and asked for a Yosemite mini bus tour for an affordable rate. They offered us 25% off! And a free pick up and drop off in San Jose. None of the other operators we contacted wanted to pick us up in San Jose!. We took the tour to the Yosemite, the bus was comfortable and the tour was customized to our group. We enjoyed watching a DVD about the Yosemite national park on the way to the Yosemite park. The tour guide was awesome and knowledgeable. We visited the Sequoias Grove in the Yosemite. We saw a couple of bears they were cute. The Yosemite bus tour was unique and fun! We all loved it and thank you all at Golden Horizon Travel.

Albert S. Moore.

Golden horizon travel

Yosemite tiene tanto para conocer !
El Parque de Yosemite tiene tanto que conocer, que en un solo dia se nos paso el dia volando, desde que partimos de San Francisco empezamos una gran aventura, primero nos recogieron a tiempo(eso habla bien de la empresa), luego recorrimos el trayecto viendo un dvd de Yosemite, lo cual nos estaban preparandonos para ver las bellezas del Parque. Sin sentir el tiempo pasar, nuestro guia nos ofrecio unas paradas para desayunar y comprar frutas frescas en el valle central. Llegamos al lago Don Pedro donde paramos para unas fotos, luego pasamos por un tunel donde pudimos apreciar el valle de Yosemite, nuestro tour estuvo lleno de grandes momentos, desde que pasamos la entrada del Parque. pudimos conocer el Valle, las cataratas de Bridalveil y de Yosemite, ver a los escaladores de roca en el Capitan, y hasta pudimos disfrutar de un tiempo banandonos en el Rio Merced. Hicimos un picnic al aire libre y estuvimos contando chistes y disfrutando de la naturaleza y el aire limpio del valle... Este viaje fue una aventura de comienzo a fin...!


Increiblemente Interesante Tour al parque nacional de Yosemite

Hicimos nuestra reservacion para dos dias para ir a conocer el Yosemite, fue una de los mejores tours de aventura de mi vida, porque nos dio la oportunidad de conocer el Glacier Point y los arboles gigantes de secuoyas, estos dos lugares no se pueden conocer en los tours de un solo dia, porque se encuentran lejos y no es imposible hacer todo en un dia. Buena decision que tomamos! hurra....nuestro tour de 2 dias fue lo maximo, desde el paseo por el valle de Yosemite, las cataratas, el capitan, el Half dome, y el hotel todo estaba super organizado.. pudimos recorrer el bosque de Mariposa Glove donde vimos el secuoya gigante mas antiguo del planeta...inmenso, es una mole...!!

Luna Martinez

Grand Canyon National Park Tour Review from Las Vegas

You may simply call this a travel blog or diary! I wrote this review looking at Google map and our photos following the chronology of our tour itinerary to the USA west parks:
Well, we just got back to Europe from a two week trip that took all of our small group  to the USA breathtaking national parks and canyon lands of the wild west "far west". The open western roads  like Route 66 through the far west and the countryside are picturesque !   Our tour guide ,Adam was knowledgeable and very friendly! Adam picked us up at Las Vegas Airport and escorted us until the last day of our adventure that ended up  at SFO international airport! We decided to skip many famous sights and attraction including Hollywood, universal studios in Los Angeles and even Las Vegas downtown…we were  interested in  sightseeing parks and attractions  off the  beaten path. Las Vegas was interesting but we  wouldn't  go  back because its famous  for its  giant casinos…they all look the same. However, we liked the proximity of Las Vegas from  beautiful national parks and canyons like Death Valley, Hoover Dam , Grand Canyon, the valley of fire, Zion national park and Bryce canyon in Utah! It was hard for us in Europe to pus these parks and canyons on the map but was easier when you traveled there…if you like opne road under a blue sky and endless horizons-this would be the perfect place for you to visit.  We all had great expectations on sights and  attractions  like the Grand Canyon  national  park and were not disappointed. Indeed,  we were  very pleased  and surprised by the majestic Bryce canyon  and Monument valley red rocks. We highly recommend a tour  itinerary that combines  the grand canyon, bryce canyon and monument valley but also off the beaten path parks s and canyons  like Mesa Verde and Durango Polar Express train to Silverton! We loved  driving from Durango to  Moab as well! Moab arches are breathtaking and the dirt roads that  took us off the main highway along these windy  rivers in the canyons were wonderful. If you ever travel west, don't mess the Mammoth Lakes area and Lake Tahoe as well! they are gorgeous!  They are so different from the grand canyon and death valley… you drive from desert and hot spots like death valley to snow and lakes areas like mammoth lakes and lake Tahoe. The landscaped looks  like science fiction movie! There are many Lakes and hot springs all over covered by snow in the sierra Nevada mountains. Bring a swim sweet and experience these amazing hot springs in the middle of no where and free of charges! An advice, if you have motion sickness,   let your tour operator know if before…my wife was sick all the times…I felt bad for the other folks. I wish we would know so bring pills  for motion sickness . I actually got  motion sickness too when we  came down from Bristlecone national park and Tioga Pass on the way to the Yosemite park! Also, don't take the tram in Mariposa  grove of  giant  sequoias but rather hike  through the  sequoias to enjoy the hidden big trees can't be seen from the roadway….This review is obviously turning to diary rather than a tour review…we wanted  share this amazing adventure with others…I hope this will help some in choosing their tour itinerary as we did.
Of course we loved our wine tasting tour in  Napa Valley on the way to San Francisco but found Napa Valley to commercial and business oriented. I personally preferred the Sonoma valley and old down town where California mission lies. I can drink wine anywhere I want …this history of California and its missions was more interesting to us the wine tasting itself … but this my opinion! 
My friends told me many good stuff about San Francisco …we all fell in love of San Francisco! Alcatraz Island  is picturesque right n the middle of San Francisco bay!
We missed Muir Woods redwoods  park and many other sights but that was a long a trip and couldn't afford more time and money! We are all back and grateful  to Adam and Golden Horizon Travel! Very good tour itinerary  and excellent tour organization…every time we got a restaurant, lunch  or dinner were read and fresh to be served!   I don't know expectations can be defined but we are all happy and satisfied with the tour and tour guide and all the hotels were we stayed.
Thank you Golden Horizon Tours from all of US

Jean-Pierre & Violette  L. and friands

Las Vegas Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon Travel review

Diary of Travel to the USA Wild West!

Well, our trip to the USA started in Los Angeles .We stayed in a good hotels in Hollywood area so we visit the universal studios with tour guide. After our tours in LA and Hollywood, Santa Barbara… we were excited to leave on route 66 via Laughlin casinos and Kingman  in  Arizona located on Route 66.  The bus tour then took us to Sedona where we pictured  some giant red rocks…the hotel where we stayed was nice and that staff was  friendly. I preferred Sedona more than the Grand Canyons as far the views and the location…. Well, we liked the  hotel in  the Grand Canyon National Park. And the food (was not fine cuisine  but was ok) .. we  enjoyed a lot the  bus tour through grand canyon but we wish we could afford the air tour  on one of these local helicopters that fly over the grand canyons…The Indian  food was excellent  in Grand Canyon by the way,  on such  trip  …have a jacket at night. It  gets cold there~!

Ok, the following day  we traveled along the desert of the Navajo parks on the motor coach took us to Monument valley  in Utah/Arizona. Monument valley was my favorite tour out there in the desert where    giant red and talk rocks reminded me of the western movies with John Wayne, Fonda  and Clint Eastwood! It's so  picturesque and primitive where native Indians (Navajos) still live there. I wish they would still in the Yosemite National  Park but there was no trace of Indians in the Yosemite! that's a shame!
After Monument Valley , our tour guide and bus drive led the expedition traveling  west through Kanab and the Indian Navajo reservations where we had short stop at the picturesque Antelope Canyon national park-amazing sandstones standing and shining in the middle of the Wild West desert! We got to Lake Powel just before the sunset. The bus driver offered us a photo stop over the dam on Lake Powel before heading to our hotel in Page. There was a good Mexican  restaurant we really enjoy nearby.
The following day, the motor coach tour took us through Lake Powell where we parked the bus and embarked on a boat-cruise tour through Lake Powell to Rainbow Bridge….That trip  was fun. We enjoy lunch in Kanab western town where we learned  more about the western movies and TV shows that have been filmed in Kanab. When we got back to Europe , we  decided to see some of these films like : The Big Trail   with  Rail Walsh and  John Wayne , In Old Oklahoma /  War of the Wildcats with  John Wayne & Martha Scott , the movie Drums Along the Mohawks  staring with  John Ford, Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, Ward Bond…  
Our adventures continues going  west  to some of the USA best  national parks according to our tour guide . Our next trip took  us to tour the famous  red rocks  of Bryce canyon national park and then Zion National Park. I was not impressed with Zion national park!   We loved sightseeing and picturing Bryce canyon more than Zion park … we were  all tired   of  such long trip but  excited to get to Las Vegas. We got to Las Vegas strip  where all the casinos are located at nigh … some of these hotels casinos are impressive and  the shows they offer are spectacular like  le circle du soleil… the best view of vegas is actually on top of the Stratosphere tower ! Woe!  You must go up and enjoy the sunset and the casinos on strip in Las Vegas…. I wish we could stay 1 more night more…we also enjoyed the city tour in Vegas combined with a side trip to the famous Hoover Dam were Arizona and Nevada meet right on the Dam! 
The following day, our bus tours took  us to Death Valley national park on the way to Mammoth lakes in the  Sierra Nevada mountains! The alpine lakes, canyons, hot springs and old trees of California Sierra Nevada are breathtaking! We were lucky  to pass the Tioga Pass  because the following day  the pass was closed due to snow …we enjoyed  our photo stop at Mono lakes,  and Tenya lakes on the way to the Yosemite valley. My wife, my friends and I were more excited about the hike that took us to the Giant  Sequoias park or shall I say the sequoias trees in the Yosemite park! They are impressive! I have never seen a tree larger  than a bus like this! We were  lucky, we  saw a coyote and bear down next to the Sequoias grove!
The hotel in the Yosemite  was ok but the Yosemite valley was crowded. I would rather stay in one on the nice hotels we saw in Oakhurst as we were leaving the Yosemite valley and Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias to Monterey and  Carmel.
The following day I was more excited  about getting to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge rather than the touring and sightseeing  Carmel and Monterey bay….
San Francisco is much more interesting than Los Angels in the architectural point of view and in term of  tourist attractions… The golden gate bridge was my favorite stop on the way to Sausalito and muir woods  redwoods national park…
I got to end this Voyage Diary now  …we will keep these photos souvenirs   and  remember them  for long time to come!
Many thanks to Golden Horizon Travel Tour guide (Adam) and to the Spanish speaking  bus driver ! We really had fun!

Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Lake Powel skywalk , Arizona, Nevada, California, route 66, map, tour, itinerary, monument valley,
Enjoy sightseeing tours and cruises on Lake Powell. Reserve tour tickets online and save or call us toll free at 800-410-8302 for reservations, group tours, bus charter tour, north rim and south rim tours but not the skywalk, Hoover dam, lav Vegas casinos, Grand Canyon Motor coach Tour Fly round trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon - West Rim.

Muir Woods National Park tour review by Janice

Great 4X4 SUV trip to  Muir woods  National Park from San Francisco. This muir woods escapade tour was the only tour we found combining muir woods ,Stinson beach, and the breathtaking hike to Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. We highly recommend this off the beaten path tour for all nature lovers. I am glad we took this  muir woods escapade tour. The views from  Mount Tamalpais are spectacular and breathtaking over San Francisco Bay and islands lie Alcatraz. We are tired of touristy areas like Sausalito and Muir woods itself…this  tour was awesome!  We loved walking on the large sandy beaches of Stinson beach where surfers, kite surfers and  nature lovers meet. The tour guide extended our tour further west toward point Reyes where we enjoyed fresh seafood right on the beach. If you are looking  for exploring the tranquil beauty of the hidden  treasures of San Francisco bay and marin county , you must go on this muir woods escapade tour and  you wont be disappointed. If you are a fan of big and touristy areas! This tour is  not for you! 
Happy travel

Janice and friends
Seattle, WA

San Francisco Private Limousine Tours by Vanessa

Best San Francisco Private  Limousine Tour ever! Did  you guys ever experienced a night tour by  Limo with friends at the beach! Bring your own cheese and wine and hire a limo operator and have fun sightseeing the city from all angels!  We simply want to thank  our tour guide Nicolas the for  great service and flexibility he offered us. He was  sociable and hilarious and became very quickly an asset for the ambiance! Hey! Go SF  Giants!  The limo tour was great and many thanks for the extra hour gift you guys offered us  for my birthday!
We recommend Golden Horizon travel to any one who is looking for quality service and fun! Yes! Fun!

Vanessa and the girls from  Orange County
Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco private 4X4 SUV Tour review by Molly

Thank you Golden Horizon Tours for offering us such a great San Francisco private 4X4 SUV tour. We always restricted our visits to San Francisco group bus tours. The SUV tour  was the perfect way to see the hidden sights and local attractions where group bus  tours don't go, San Francisco reminds  me of Vancouver. We loved the city and the tour thanks to Golden Horizon tours and the tour guide.
All the best

Molly and Andrew
Calgary, AB Canada