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Redwood National Park Tour - The Kingdom of the Giant Redwoods

"The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you forever -the feeling
they produce is unique and not transferable, they are ambassadors from another time!"

John Steinbeck

Discover the Kingdom of the Giant Redwood Trees at the Redwood National Park. Join us as we discover Northern California's hidden natural wonder: majestic and ancient forests of redwood trees that the majority of visitors are unaware of! Because of the remoteness of this tranquil and beautiful place, few visitors even know about this natural wonder or dare to venture so far north.

Our Redwood National Park Tour is a must-do while visiting Northern California. It is truly an outstanding experience to add on your bucket list because these magnificent redwood trees are so humongous in size and presence that you must see it with your own eyes to believe it! Did you know that certain scenes in the movies ‘Lost World in Jurassic Park’ and ‘Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi’ were filmed at the Redwood National Park? The location scouts for these movies fell in love with the natural landscape and the ambiance of timeless and utter peace of the park and were sure to include it in these movies. Climb on one of the fallen redwood trees and imagine that you are a small Ewok scuttling home through scattered sunbeams. Stand beside a fallen giant tree just to see the 12" bark peeling away and imagine using this bark to build your home as the Native Americans once did. If you climbed the tallest tree, standing at a whopping 379 feet, you will feel like King Kong! (Please note: This would require steel cables, nerves of steel and a week of extra time.) During the period when dinosaurs were still roaming on these remote lands, vast parts of North America were covered by redwood forests. Today, you can only see these giant trees in the northern parts and when you’re here you will be able to experience the surrounding ancient and pristine vegetation and wildlife.

Let our expert and passionate tour guides drive you along the near-empty winding and scenic highway of the “Wild West” which is bordered by stunning sceneries of rivers, hidden beaches, the ocean and picturesque meadows. Roosevelt Elk often stand beside the road. You will also be driving through giant trees, because, believe it or not, they have carved tunnels through the trees to allow vehicles to pass through, a unique experience unavailable anywhere else in the world! Included in the tour price: All applicable taxes, admission to State and National Parks accommodation, a guided adventure by luxury 4X SUV and much more.

Why should you choose Golden Horizon Tours? We are a local, reliable and innovative Tour Operator company that specializes in private custom tours and exclusive small group adventures. We love to think outside of the box and offer our customers the richest and most extraordinary travel experiences available. This new and exclusive adventure is the ultimate escapade that takes you to the best-kept secret natural wonder of Northern America: the giant redwood trees state and national parks.

We would highly recommend adding this tour on your bucket list and we would suggest booking the three day custom tour so you have more quality time to spend in this pristine and beautiful destination to explore more in-depth. We also have four and five day custom tours available as well all inclusive.

You don't have to think twice when booking a tour with Golden Horizon Travel because we have a long-lasting and solid reputation with the community. We have received hundreds of five star reviews and rewards because we really care about our customers and we strive to offer a memorable and unique experience to our customers when visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Trust us and you will not be disappointed- our solid and long-lasting reputation speaks for itself!

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