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Muir Woods Escapade Outdoor Adventure (Includes Stinson Beach, Bolinas, and Mount Tamalpais State Park)


This is a new adventure through Golden Horizon Tours

Golden Horizon Travel is an innovative tour operator that specializes in private and small group tours. We are focused on providing adventures that are rich in memorable experiences. Our new Muir Woods Escapade tour covers an array of locations including Sausalito, giant redwoods, Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Bolinas’ old downtown and hidden beaches, and Mount Tamalpais State Park, which is the highest point in Marin County. The first stop will be Muir Woods National Monument where you will marvel at giant coastal redwood trees. Then you will take a walking tour to Muir Beach overlook and enjoy breathtaking views along Highway 1, on the way to lunch in Stinson Beach or Bolinas. After lunch, your guide will take you through picturesque meadows and beautiful lagoons surrounded by the Pacific Ocean before heading to Mount Tamalpais state park for sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. Once at Mount Tamalpais, you may choose to walk or hike with your guide and experience the serene beauty of Marin County’s back roads and trails. Marin hiking trails are suitable for the whole family but you may also choose not to go on a hike and still enjoy breathtaking views from the parking lot (entrance fees are included).

Please note that we are one of the only tour companies to offer a custom tour by 4X4 SUV! We will take you to the best-kept secret hidden natural wonders of the San Francisco Bay Area! This new tour is suitable for the entire family and is only a one-hour drive from San Francisco. Please be sure to check out our video, photos, and tour itinerary to learn more about this eco-adventure. Our price includes taxes and Mount Tamalpais State Park. Our excellent tour reviews on Trip Advisor speak for themselves.

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Muir Woods and Marin County Outdoor Adventure Tour Itinerary

A bird's eye view 9:00 a.m Pick UpBack to Top

Pick UpYour guide will pick you up from your hotel or home in San Francisco, Sausalito, or Marin County. At your pick-up location, your guide will greet you with a sign displaying your name.

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Drive to Muir WoodsBack to Top

Houseboats CommunityAfter your pick-up, you will head north to Muir Woods National Monument via the Golden Gate Bridge. You will continue along this Panoramic Highway to Muir Woods, where you will see spectacular views of Marin County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Pacific Ocean. You may choose to include an optional stop at Muir Beach overlook, or drive via Mill Valley. Your guide may vary the route based on road and weather conditions.

Visit Muir Woods National ParkBack to Top

muir woods national monumentYour tour guide will tell you about the coastal giant redwoods and secret to their longevity, more than 1,800 years or more, reaching 380 feet (115.8 m) in height and up to 27 feet in diameter. You will get, a complimentary map, and brochure. Enjoy a peaceful walk on a flat loop that starts with bridge 1 by the gift shop, and takes you all the way to bridge 3. This trail follows a stream through a canyon lined with tall redwoods, maple, and bay laurel trees. You may even see deer as you walk in the forest. Please note that Muir Woods staff and rangers prohibit guides from bringing groups in the forest to preserve its peace and tranquility. Be sure to capture the serenity and beauty of these massive trees on camera as there is nothing like them.

Visit Muir Beach overlook & Stinson Beach Back to Top

Stinson BeachTucked in the foothills of Mount Tamalpais, the charming town of Stinson Beach boasts a three-mile swath of golden sand beach, which became a popular destination for families with kids and couples who seek a romantic, cozy getaway. What amazes Stinson Beach visitors is that it is often sunny on the beach, while it is foggy in San Francisco. Enjoy a walk with your guide here, have a drink, or grab a bite to eat in one of the beach’s snack bars or restaurants.

Many famous people fell in love with Stinson beach’s beauty, calling it home, including Senator Dianne Feinstein, Steve Miller, Jerry Garcia, and David Grisman.

The dramatic scenery of Stinson Beach is the setting for movies including “Memoirs of an Invisible Man,” “Basic Instinct,” “Play It Again Sam,” “The Fog,” “Shoot the Moon,” and “On the Edge.”

Drive to Bolinas & Enjoy LunchBack to Top

Drive to BolinasThe small coastal town of Bolinas is located off of Highway 1, a few miles north of Stinson Beach, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, beautiful lagoons, and wetlands. The trough in which the lagoon sits was formed by the San Andreas Fault, which runs through it. The lagoon is separated from the main bay by a small spit of land and is a tidal estuary, which is part of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.

Bolinas is known for its reclusive residents and is only accessible by unmarked roads. In the past, road signs were torn down to help this area remain off-the-beaten-path.

Roam Bolinas is featured in the 1981 novel "Ecotopia Emerging," by Ernest Callenbach. It is also the mythical setting for Richard Brautigan's novel “In.” Bolinas has a long history of environmentalism and is characterized by its free-spirited community of surfers, actors, poets, artists, and writers. The visitors who make it to Bolinas appreciate its earthy custom-built homes and shingled New England-styled cottages with colorful gardens.

Fun facts: Did you know Bolinas’ post office and some of Bolinas’ houses were constructed in the Gold Rush era?

Alice Waters is also a resident. She is an American chef and owner of "Chez Panisse," the world-renowned restaurant in Berkeley, famous for its organic, locally-grown ingredients and as the birthplace of Californian cuisine. During the tour, you may choose to have lunch in Bolinas or in Stinson Beach.

Mount Tamalpais State Park Adventure Back to Top

Mount Tamalpais StateAfter visiting Bolinas and Stinson Beach, your guide will drive on windy roads up and around the mountain on panoramic highway to get to Mount Tamalpais. Mount Tamalpais State Park is the highest point in Marin County and offers spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. Your guide will drive you through Marin County’s scenic backroads and guide you on beautiful hiking trails off-the-beaten-path.

Muir These hiking trails are suitable for the entire family, however you may choose not to participate in the hiking and instead, enjoy views from the parking lot. This new tour is highly recommended for nature lovers and families.

The views from the top of Mount Tamalpais State Park are breathtaking!

3:30 p.m - 4:00 p.m Mill Valley & Tamalpais High SchoolBack to Top

Tamalpais High SchoolMill Valley was inhabited by the Coast Miwok for over 10,000 years, before Spanish and Mexican explorers arrived. This charming community is located 5 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County and is characterized by its scenic views, marshlands, wooded canyons, and strong artistic heritage, home to former musicians, authors, actors, poets and TV personalities like John Lennon, Sammy Hagar, Janis Joplin, Jack London, Kathleen Quinlan, Michael Tucker, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Eve Arden, and Mariel Hemingway. It is also home to the Mill Valley Film Festival and was immortalized by the song "Mill Valley" (recorded in 1970).

In July 2005, CNN ranked Mill Valley tenth on its list of the “10 Best Places to live in the United States!” Tamalpais High School is located in Mill Valley and is named after Mount Tamalpais, which stands 2,500 feet high. Former students include Joe DeMaestri, Daniel Caldwell, Signy Coleman, Tupac Shakur, and actress Kathleen Quinlan who began her acting career in George Lucas' "American Graffiti" (filmed in the school’s gym). Other notable people who live, or have lived in Marin County are Barbara Boxer, Andre Agassi, George Lucas, Sean Penn, and Carlos Santana.

Visit Sausalito- a Mediterranean-Style coastal townBack to Top

SausalitoNow you will head to Sausalito, where you can enjoy a walk downtown in this charming Mediterranean-style coastal town, filled with history, culture, and beautiful waterfront shops. Choose to stay an hour or spend the rest of the day at this enchanting village for a romantic dinner and return on your own to San Francisco by ferry (ferry tickets are not included).

Sausalito was once a settlement for the Coast Miwok. Spanish explorer Don José de Cañizares, who arrived in Sausalito in 1775 looking for a suitable anchorage for vessels, reported that there were friendly native Miwoks and a large population of deer, elk, bear, seals, and otters. In 1776, the Spaniards, led by Juan Bautista de Anza (who had already opened the overland route from Mexico to California), decided to establish the first settlement in the Presidio of San Francisco instead of Sausalito. During the Mexican Era (1821-1846), the British mariner William Richardson was the first to develop the Sausalito as a private rancho. By 1825, Richardson was granted Mexican citizenship, converted to Catholicism, and married the daughter of Don Ignacio Martínez, commandant of the Presidio, to acquire land including Sausalito. In the post-Gold Rush era, Sausalito played a major role in leisure, commercial, and military Maritime transportation as many fishermen and wealthy yachting enthusiasts had already settled in. This era came to an end in May 1937 when the Golden Gate Bridge opened there large-scale ferry operations to bypass Sausalito. Sausalito soon received a steady stream of visitors, thanks to this new bridge. In 1942, the Sausalito Yacht Club was founded to promote yachting for racing and cruising enthusiasts.

There are three houseboat communities in Sausalito, consisting of more than 400 homes of various sizes, shapes, and values— Galilee Harbor, Waldo Point Harbor, and the Gates Cooperative. It was in a houseboat at Waldo Point here the singer Otis Redding wrote his famous "Dock of the Bay" song in 1967: " I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay - Watching the ships roll in…the tide roll away - I left my home in Georgia - Headed for the 'Frisco bay - Just to make this dock my home."

Sausalito & the "House Boat Wars"Back to Top

House Boat WarsWhen the United States entered World War II, Fort Barry on Point Bonita was reoccupied, Fort Baker also hosted large numbers of troops, and a major shipyard was sited along Sausalito’s shoreline. After the War, a lively waterfront community grew out of the abandoned shipyard. By the late 1960s at least three houseboat communities occupied the waterfront along and adjacent to Sausalito's shore. In the 1970s, an intense struggle erupted between houseboat residents and developers, dubbed the "Houseboat Wars," and including forced removals by county authorities, and sabotage. This battle pitted waterfront residents against the wealthy "Hillside community."

Sausalito in the Media & Notable ResidentsBack to Top

Notable residentsSausalito is featured in many novels and movies including “The Lady from Shanghai” (Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth); in a section of the 1892 novel "The Wrecker" by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osborn; in the opening of "The Sea-Wolf," by Jack London, which is set on a ferryboat travelling from Sausalito to San Francisco; in many scenes of the 1965 film "Dear Brigitte" with James Stewart; in the 1968 film “Petulia” when Richard Chamberlain was fishing Julie Christie out of the water at the foot of Johnson Street; and in a scene from the 1972 movie “Play It Again, Sam,” which was shot using interiors of the Trident (the Horizons) restaurant and exteriors of the Spinnaker restaurant. The town is also featured in the 1978 novel "The House of God" and in the fictional "Cetacean Institute" from Star Trek IV. Marin Country, and or Sausalito, is or has been home to celebrities including Gina Berriault, Gordon Onslow Ford, Phil Frank, Jerry Garcia, Sterling Hayden, William Randolph Hearst, Otis Redding, Julie Christie, Isabel Allende (Chilean-American novelist), Tim Lincecum, (San Francisco Giants pitcher), Carlos Santana, and Georges Lucas.

4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Golden Gate Bridge skyview overlook Back to Top

Golden Gate BridgeReturn to San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge, where a photo stop is scheduled at the Marin Headlands, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay Area. Your guide will drive you back to your hotel via San Francisco’s Marina or Pacific Heights neighborhoods, among the most expensive districts in San Francisco, where movie stars and celebrities have lived, including Senator Dianne Feinstein, Danielle Steel, Nancy Pelosi, and more. You may also see some former movie locations, including the Victorian house where “Mrs. Doubtfire” was filmed.

5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. drop-offBack to Top

Drop OffOur tour guide will drive you back to your hotel via the famous Pacific Heights (optional), the most expensive district in San Francisco where some movies stars and celebrities live including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Don Johnson, Danielle Steel, Nancy Pelosi, Francis Ford Coppola, Lars Ulrich and more. We may see some famous movie locations including the Victorian house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed. The Pacific Heights is home to beautiful Victorian houses we show on our daily San Francisco city tours.

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This SUV tour is totally private and the price is per person.

Guests Totally Private
1 $658.00
2 $329.00
3 $255.00
4 $215.00
5 $195.00
6 $159.00
7 $149.00

Tour by
Luxury SUV



This VAN tour is totally private and not available for public
or individual reservations. The price is per party and not per person.

Tour Prices: Price per group
1 - 5 Guests $1,199.00
6 - 7 Guests $1,299.00
8 - 10 Guests $1,629.00
11 - 12 Guests $1,819.00
13 - 14 Guests $1,989.00

By Van



Included: Pick-up and drop off in San Francisco downtown or Fisherman’ Wharf, all applicable taxes, Mount Tamalpais State Park fees, and a private 8-hour guided tour from 9 am to 5 pm.

Not included: The price does not include meals, Muir Woods park entrance fees, driver’s gratuity, overtime and optional activities or features.

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