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Muir Woods Tour Reviews

Muir Woods National Park tour review

Great 4X4 SUV trip to Muir woods National Park from San Francisco. This muir woods escapade tour was the only tour we found combining muir woods,Stinson beach, and the breathtaking hike to Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. We highly recommend this off the beaten path tour for all nature lovers. I am glad we took this Muir woods escapade tour. The views from Mount Tamalpais are spectacular and breathtaking over San Francisco Bay and islands like Alcatraz. We are tired of touristy areas like Sausalito and Muir woods itself…this tour was awesome! We loved walking on the large sandy beaches of Stinson beach where surfers, kite surfers and nature lovers meet. The tour guide extended our tour further west toward point Reyes where we enjoyed fresh seafood right on the beach. If you are looking for exploring the tranquil beauty of the hidden treasures of San Francisco bay and Marin county , you must go on this Muir woods escapade tour and you won't be disappointed. If you are a fan of big and touristy areas! This tour is not for you!
Molly, Janice and friends Seattle, WA

Une voiture confortable et puissante vient nous chercher à l'hôtel et nous voilà partis. La journée commence par un rapide tour d'horizon de la ville de San Francisco. Les rues qui hier, nous paraissaient des côtes terribles à pied, sont encore plus impressionnantes en descente en voiture. Heureusement le chauffeur et la voiture ont de bons freins ! Puis nous traversons le Presidio, ancienne propriété militaire transformée en résidence. Par une route sinueuse nous arrivons au fameux grand pont, le Golden Gate Bridge ; la traversée est magnifique. Une autre route sinueuse (nous en aurons beaucoup aujourd'hui) nous conduit au Muir Wood National Monument : une petite balade à pied nous fait découvrir ces « Red Woods » gigantesques dont certains peuvent atteindre 1000 ans d'âge. Le guide qui nous rejoint est un expert en botanique et se plait à nous donner une foule d'informations sur les plantes, arbres et fleurs rencontrées. Les photographes s'en donnent à cœur joie. On reprend la voiture pour rejoindre Bolinas par une route en corniche qui donne de superbes vues sur la côte du Pacifique. Le temps est très beau et les fleurs inconnues qui nous servent de premiers plans donnent de très belles photos. En approchant de Bolinas, on longe des lagunes où on peut voir de nombreux oiseaux de mer, mais les lions de mer sont loin et peuvent se confondre avec des rochers. Un joyeux pique-nique sur la plage est suivi d'un sympathique café dans un bar local de style western, et on repart sur la route de montagne pour escalader le mont Tamalpais. L'ascension se termine par une amusante petite escalade à pied et aboutit à un rocher donnant un point de vue formidable dans toutes les directions, et tout particulièrement sur la ville de San Francisco et sur toute la baie : magnifique, on pourrait passer des heures à admirer le panorama. Mais il faut redescendre et, après un petit arrêt dans la, charmante ville de Sausalito, la voiture nous conduit à un belvédère permettant d'admirer dans toute sa splendeur le Golden Gate Bridge, resplendissant sous les couleurs du soleil couchant. Voilà, c'est la fin. Nous rentrons à l'hôtel enchantés de cette belle journée. Merci à notre guide dont la gentillesse et la culture ont contribué à faire de ce tour un succès complet.
Solange Michel

Excellent for visiting San Francisco and its surroundings!

It was a one-day visit to the surroundings of San Francisco. I had already visited the main attractions of the city in a previous trip, so this time I decided to go to several points of interest in the north, as Muir Woods and Point Reyes. The trip was very well organized and I really enjoyed it.
sRadonX . Belgium Jan 21, 2010

Muir Woods Escapade Tour

Dear Adam,

We spend 9 hours on your Muir Woods Escapade tour with my group from Germany on March 2008. We really enjoyed hiking up on Mount Tamalpais. We came to San Francisco several times in the past for business purposes. But no tour company offers this tour. We liked it because we spend the whole day outdoor enjoying Muir Woods Escapade tour scenery and vista points. My group had and enjoyed a picnic lunch at Stinson beach. We hope we will come back by the fall for a convention at the Moscone Center and take the opportunity to go on your two-day tour to the Yosemite and hiking in Mariposa Sequoias Grove. We love hiking a way from the crowd. Your tours is perfect and amazingly different from all the other local tour companies. In addition, your tour guide (E.Hanz) speaks fluently German and was very friendly with us.
Peter P. Lentz (on behalf of my group)
Cologne- Germany

Muir Woods Morning Tour

Dear Sir and Madam,

My wife Martha Lee Rhiann and my kids went on your Muir Woods Sausalito Morning Tour. They did enjoy your Muir Woods AM tour. My wife was more impressed by the giant redwoods than my kids were. They also enjoyed the DVD about the Redwoods on the way to Muir Woods. My kids usually do not pay attention to tour guides. However, the DVD and the complementary information your knowledgeable tour guide provided caught my kid's attention. They talk about the "tall" trees as they say now with their friends. We all thank you for such great tour and service.
John and Martha Rhiann
Kirksville, MO

Muir Woods Afternoon Tour

My wife and I had a great time on your Muir Woods Sausalito tour. We have never seen the redwood trees before. We enjoyed also your optional stop at Muir Beach vista point overlooking the oceans and highway 1. We pictured some curious sea otter and seals playing down in the lagoons. Actually, we were supposed to go on your Muir Woods Wine Country tour but my wife and I did not wake up on time. We though we lost our money but your assistant, Wendy W. offered us this tour instead. We enjoyed Sausalito where we had wine tasting and even candy tasting after a breathtaking view walk along the bay and the hanging cottage houses.
Martin Thamkful

Muir Woods & Wine Country Tour

I am James Lee Yong from Maui. We colleagues and I was on Your Muir Woods Wine Country in October 2007. The redwoods and the flora of Muir Woods was an interesting discovery for us. We are all firefighters. We excepted to enjoy good wine in the Sonoma Valley. However, we did expects your tour guide surprise who offered us a free tour guides tour on his break time to Napa Firefighters Museum in downtown Napa (with it's antique engines, hand pampers, newspaper clippings) The tour was great but also the tour guide was friendly and spontaneous. We went on Monterey tour bus; the tour guide was chatty and bookish. That was boring.

We all thank for offering such small group and personalized tours.
James Lee Yong
Maui -Hawaii

Our private SUV tour of the Sonoma Wine Country/Muir Woods, was FANTASTIC!! We had never taken a tour before, and we are sold.. There were 8 of us, and Adam was the BEST tour guide we could have hoped for. Thank you Adam for taking us places in the area that we had never seen!! We all got along wonderfully with Adam, and it was just like one big happy family.. Thanks again, Golden Horizon tours... don't ever let Adam go, He is a DIAMOND !
Lottie Castro

Muir Woods Tour Review with San Francisco city tour, Wine Country Tour Review, Monterey Carmel tour review:
My mother recently had her 80th birthday. Having lost her husband, my father, 6 months ago, my sister and I decided to take my mother on a trip to refresh her mind and body.
She is recovering from a stroke.  She had never seen California before. We live on the East Coast. We wanted to see the redwoods, the pacific, the wine country, the golden gate, the city and all the wonders found in the Bay area.
We only had 4 days to see all these things....what to do?
How do we make sure my mother is safe, comfortable, relaxed and enjoying these sights?
Luck led to meet Adam at golden horizon I spoke with Adam by phone, he understood our needs, and we arranged a two day private tour.
My family can not say enough good things about Adam. He was kind, protective, proactive, knowledgeable from history to horticulture, multi-lingual, musical, humorous, interesting, a safe driver, great company, polite, a great teacher.... and the list can continue until all superlatives in the English language are exhausted. My mother is still talking about the trip and how perfect it was even with the recent fires. Adam knew how to outsmart the smoke and the traffic. We saw everything we hoped for, and more without the trip being hectic or exhausting. The pace was comfortable and we learned and experienced with joy.
The tour was customized to us and our unique situation. Adam did everything to be at my mother's arm at every door step and incline. He even borrowed a golf cart from a golfer at Pebble Beach in order to give my mother a ride, sparing her a steep, outside staircase.
We did not need to ask...he intuitively knew how to help and be "present" to our needs.
If you are considering a tour with Adam and Golden Horizon , I hope you will make a reservation. You will not be disappointed and I happy to be a reference.

Thank you, Adam. My mother is still boasting to all about you.
Happy Travels
M. dePaulis-Hawn

Our tours of San Francisco, Muir Woods and the famous Wine Country were amazing. Adam, of Golden Horizon Travel, was the perfect host. He not only took us to all the important sites but also to lesser-known areas, so we could enjoy the local flavor. We loved every minute of our experience, which was truly enhanced by Adam's personal and friendly manner. Would we travel with Golden Horizon Travel again ! In a New York...I mean...In a San Francisco minute! 
by Michael Matis


Last minute trip in San Francisco was a fantastic, we decided to go to this tour Muir woods tours with Sausalito without expecting nothing we just wanted to go somewhere close to San Francisco for the day, so i did some research and found that Muir Wood is so close and a National Monument. good place to hiking, get some fresh air and to spend the day..!! highly recommendable.
NELIDA- Jul 26, 2008

The best tour San Francisco Muir Woods and Sausalito 06/14/2008
San Francisco Muir Woods Tour was my best tour in California! I expected a foggy San Francisco on my San Francisco tour. However, it turned out a sunny beautiful day . The tour guide started with a great photos stop at San Francisco Golden Gate on the way to Muir woods. After Muir woods tour, we stopped in Sausalito touring the city and shopping down town. The afternoon was awesome as the san Francisco tour took us to twin peaks and Alamo square !I made my best photos in San Francisco north beach where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe got married. The square reminded me of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry ! Is that where the movie was filmed? I had a great time on this Muir woods San Francisco one day tour. I am not promoting Golden Horizon Travel Business, but I really recommend them. They do a great job! I hope that helps!  Shelly Anderson Dublin-Irland (currently studding at Stanford-California)

We spent an hour or so walking through the Muir Woods Park on your Muir Woods Morning Tour is so pleased and relaxed, the park looks very small but there are many trails to walk around and it is so easy because it is well signed. my grandmother enjoyed a lot the Muir Woods National Park she said every time she can when we look at the pictures we took in Muir Woods Tour, and the fresh air was so pure without any smoke or contamination. In our country should have more parks like US. People don't realized how many wonderful things are around us and should protect them. Thank you for preserve and showed us the Muir Woods National Park, and your tour guide was so friendly


Your San Francisco Muir Woods tour offered my wife and me and kids the best tour of our lifetime. We have never been the USA before. A Francisco has much more to offer than the movies we used to watch about San Francisco. The Redwoods are impressive and unique. We have a 200 year redwood tree in park where we live. However, when we saw the real redwoods we were impressed. Please keep us posted when you will come up with escorted tour to Sequoia National Park. My kids have a cartoon move about the Sequoias and would love to combine this with Death Valley and Mammoth Lakes.
Nicolas and Terminal Olive
Paris, France

San Francisco, Muir Woods and Sausalito Tour

Your San Francisco Muir Woods tour offered my wife and me and kids the best tour of our lifetime. We have never been the USA before. A Francisco has much more to offer than the movies we used to watch about San Francisco. The Redwoods are impressive and unique. We have a 200 year redwood tree in park where we live. However, when we saw the real redwoods we were impressed. Please keep us posted when you will come up with escorted tour to Sequoia National Park. My kids have a cartoon move about the Sequoias and would love to combine this with Death Valley and Mammoth Lakes.
Nicolas and Terminal Olive
Paris, France

I would call Muir woods tour as the "green tour" 
The concierge at the Hilton not Paris Hilton, I mean the one in SF recommended Muir woods tour. Indeed, Muir Woods Sausalito Tour was amazing. I didn't know that Vertigo and the return of the Jedi were filmed in Muir woods .I loved walking through the giant redwoods in Muir woods panoramic hiking trails and then back down to Muir woods in Kent canyon. That was a quiet a hike through the redwoods trees.....don't do it guys unless you have enough time. Our Muir woods tour guide offered us an extra hour....Muir woods tours are really relaxing. I would call Muir woods tour as the "green tour". Sausalito was somehow snobby for me...I like it but not to the point moving their ...I prefer Muir woods area and park .You can tour Muir woods any time you want, enjoy Muir beach or touring Muir woods highland. Besides, there is a secret part of Muir woods that people don't know. It the western side of Muir wood where you can hike on some scenic trails without paying! .It takes down to Muir woods park anyway or leave Muir woods to tour the surround redwoods in Kent canyon?..hope that helps...  
Posted by Francine Mason, 06/10/2008

Your Muir Woods Escapade tour is so different and unconventional. We didn't hear this tour before. Many tour companies do not realize that Muir Woods is much more than Redwoods Trees, there are many sites to see in your Muir Woods Escapade Tour, first we really liked to take a loop in the Muir Woods National Park, we did, then we went to Muir Woods Beach and saw the Pacific Ocean so immense and had the chance to put our toes in the water what a delicious sensations and we had a picnic at Stinson Beach. From Mount Tamalpais we could see 360 degrees of San Francisco City. It was so pretty, really enjoyed your Muir Woods Escapade tour.

Muir woods tours with Sausalito via San Francisco Golden Gate bridge were awesome! We loved it. Muir Woods tour was important for us because we wanted to see where the Return of the Jedi was filmed! Did you know that it was filmed in Muir Woods! Moreover, Vertigo was filmed in Muir woods. Sausalito tour was great! THANK YOU Golden Horizon Travel. Your Muir woods tours was indeed a great one! I wish we could have time to go on your san Francisco tour by night! Maybe next time 06/08/2008
by domimatis

Muir Woods plus Muir Beach vista points 06/11/2008.
This is Jean-Pierre and Jocelyn Dupont from Montréal
 Merci beacoup! We loved your Muir Woods Private SUV Tour. We still go through the great photos we made in Muir Woods,Muir Beach, Sausalito and the breathtaking photos stop at the Golden Gate !The road to Muir Woods is pretty scenic but the drive was an adventure for us. I am glad I was not driving that day on Muir Woods scenic roads! That was quiet impressive. We still confuse redwoods and sequoias but the redwoods in Muir woods are much taller than we expected. Thank you Adam for your Muir Woods private tour-you exceeded our expectations indeed!

We booked by telephone this tour when we lost our flight to home so I'm glad that we had room for the Muir Woods afternoon tours. My kids are so restless and so full of energy so Muir Woods tours were perfect for them to run and play around near the redwoods.They had so much fun that they didn't want to get back to the hotel. they find a little curious squirrel and they tried to catch it. It was so funny. My older son loved Golden Gate photo stop over the highway and enjoyed his ice cream in Sausalito looking the birds such seagull, seals, and his little sister too. thank you we had a great time.
 - harriet - Jul 26, 2008

Our Muir woods Sausalito Private SUV Tour...‎

Our son got lost in Muir Woods. Golden Horizon Travel took 2 hours extra to find him. Golden Horizon Travel never charged us for the extra hours in Muir Woods .We were touched by that. We heard a lot about Muir woods and the redwoods trees. now we know why they are the tallest trees on earth! We booked Muir woods private tour SUV 4X4 drive tour to explorer the scenic views in muir woods canyons and Muir woods beach. We recommend muir woods private tours with Golden Horizon Travel . It saves you time and offer quality time in Muir woods and Sausalito. Sausalito walking tour was terrific with the tour guide Diana. Thank you all.
Giulia - Jul 25, 2008

San Francisco what a great city.! I took a tour to go to San Francisco, Muir Woods and Sausalito last week. What I liked more was the vista from Twin Peaks, the sky was very clear and we could see San Francisco City without fog. Most tours companies don't do this stop they just go to the nearest spots and that's it. Our tour guide was funny, creative and he showed us the hidden places where locals go. Then we went to Muir Woods National Monument, the park is very close to San Francisco and it was amazing to see those giant redwoods trees and some squirrels running in the park. We did a short hike to Cathedral Grove. My wife enjoyed a lot. Moreover, to end the tour we went to Sausalito this charming town is a pleasure to visit the smalls local stores and have a delicious ice cream or coffee admiring San Francisco Bay area. Thank you Golden Horizon Travel for this wonderful trip.
David and Tracy Sobrado

Your Muir woods-Sausalito tour is unique! Muir Woods tour allowed us to explore Muir Woods Park in-depth. The Redwoods are so tall. We were more impressed than our kids by Muir Woods redwoods. Muir Wood Park is only 25 minutes away from San Francisco. That gave US enough time to visit Sausalito. We enjoyed a walking tour with your Tour Guide Nicolas along Sausalito Bay. Sausalito is probably California best coastal towns. We liked Sausalito so much to the point to welling to travel back and enjoy our vacation in Sausalito and the Wine Country in Napa and Sonoma. We are from Scotland, we never heard of John Muir and Muir Woods before visiting San Francisco. Muir Woods and Sausalito have a lot to offer. We wish we could have more time to hike to Mount Tamalapais. We would be interested in trying your Muir Woods Escapade Tour on our next trip to Sausalito & Muir Woods. Thank you from all of us.
Brìghde & Peter Macthomas family
June 22, 2006

Sausalito & Muir woods tour is a short trip from San Francisco. The scenic highway 1 offers panoramic views over Muir Wood and Sausalito. Muir Wood tour is awesome. The redwoods are impressive and tall. California redwoods are much taller than we expected. We enjoyed the hike on one of Muir Wood park hiking trails with your tour guide (John). Muir Woods National Park was covered by fog but got clear out when we left which allowed us to see how tall Muir Wood redwoods are. We learned more about John Muir as we were hiking among the Muir Woods redwoods. Muir Wood tour is informative and interesting.
We enjoyed shopping and walking with your Tour Guide along Sausalito Bay. Sausalito offered us spectacular views of San Francisco bay and Alcatraz Island. We even enjoyed wine tasting in Sausalito. We should try your Muir Woods & wine country tour on our next tour to San Francisco Wine country vacation.
Sausalito is probably our favorite city of our tour to California. Sausalito is small, yet, has a lot to offer. We heard a song about Sausalito. We understand why the song was written in Sausalito now.
Monica Vercelli

The   Muir woods & wine tour to Sonoma and Napa was the best we could find for the only day we had in San Francisco. Our flight was canceled so we had an extra day to spend in San Francisco. We really like your website. It's so informative and easy to use. Muir Wood is closer to Sausalito than we thought.  Muir Wood park & the coastal redwoods are  awesome. We have seen the sequoias few years ago in the Yosemite, but the redwoods are much taller than Sequoias. We enjoyed the hike on one of Muir Wood park hiking trails. Muir Woods  also allowed to  learn more about John Muir and redwoods. We wanted to thank for the extra stop your tour guide made at Muir Beach and Sausalito. Sausalito is spectacular. Sausalito cottage houses and Sausalito houseboats are cute. Sausalito is charming and has a lot to offer. We decided to come back to sightseeing Sausalito and enjoy a dinner at Horizons overlooking the bay. Your  Private SUV tours offered us what we could see during the day. We enjoyed the drive after Muir woods to Sonoma & Napa wine country tour.
Napa wine tour with Sonoma Wine Country tour all one day is exactly what we looking for. Napa Valley Wine is different of Sonoma wine. We don't know that much about wine. We should spend more time in Napa and Sonoma valleys to see the difference. The wine country tasting tour on such small group was so relaxing. Napa tour offers more wine tasting within Napa famous wineries. However, we liked Sonoma wine tour where we tasted excellent wine in small wineries off the beaten baths.  Napa wine tour requires at least one or two day to explore Napa in depth. We wish we could have more time. Sonoma Valley seems easier to explore and less crowded than Napa wineries. We have a great time in both Sonoma & Napa Valleys. Thank you Golden Horizon Travel.
Adrian Kenyi Tomashi Nakamura

We had 4 hours before leaving back to Vegas and Muir woods tour just fit in our schedule .The redwoods in Muir woods are impressive and tall. We went hiking for an hour in muir woods ocean view hiking trail. the views is great up there in muir woods park hillside.
Becky McKinley

My mother , my 3 other sisters  and I  were in Emeryville California staying at the Woodfin SUITES Hotel. We traveled from Germany invited by the Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland.Ray the concierge, called Golden Horizon Travel who accepted to send us a driver from San Francisco to go on the Muir Woods afternoon tour. We decided to write the review because no other tour companies accepted to pick us up in the East Bay.Muir Wods Saulito tours was amazing.We never saw redwoods trees in the past .in addition muir woods trees are really tall. the tour guide took us an a short hike to see more redwoods trees in muir woods, even my mother decided to hike to see more tall trees! The blue jay bird was all over-so cute!

Thank you Golden Horizon Travel for the great muir woods tour you offered us and the free pick up in Muir Woods!
Nathalie Le Maire
Lyon -France

Muir Woods Tours were our priority during our stay last year in San Francisco in 2007. My wife was more interested in Alcatraz tours. However, we both always wanted to see the giant redwoods in Muir wood national park and tour the park to hike and  pictures these big redwood trees. We enjoyed more Muir woods tour than Sausalito tour. Sausalito was crowded and superficial .At least this is my wife's opinion! Anyway, Muir Woods is highly recommended for anybody that has not been there. I hope that helps folks.
Thank you Golden Horizon Travel for dropping us at SFO airport.
john and Barbara Liverkson

We decided to write this muir woods review because Golden Horizon Travel Muir Woods Tour was unique! We are not fake customers. We really enjoyed  muir woods Sausalito tour  with Golden Horizon Travel. They deserve our review after offering us such an awesome  Muirwoods tour .
Istvan  and Anna Mendel
Vienna – Austria

Muir Woods and Wine Country Tour - May 25, 2008

Who said that we couldn't do Muir Woods and Wine country ? We did in one day with Golden Horizon Travel, our tour guide allowed us to spend an hour in Muir Woods National Park and looked at the coastal Redwoods, he showed us the many loops to walk around and then our tour went to Sonoma Wine Country to tastes some of the most
delicious wines of the Country, we liked the Zinfandel, the chardonnay, and also the dessert wines and we met a winemaker who kindly explained us the savor, aroma and legs of the wines. He was so educational and the tasting wines were all free thank you Adam for the complementary wine tasting.
Muir Woods and Wine Country Tour is a full day tour you can do both and have fun. We all thank for offering such small group and personalized tours.

 My name is Petra.I am from Delft Holland.I studdy Computer Engineering. My freind Norma and met with a student who used Golden Horizon Trvael Muir Woods wine country tour.We called Golden Horizon Trvael just a day before our arrival on KLM to SFO.They added us to a small group tour to Woods wine country tour on the SUV. that was fatntastic. Our camera didn't work.The tour guide,Peter,took our photos and sent them all via email.Norma & I wanted to say:
bedankt "Thank you" Golden Horizon Trvael!
Petra and Norma
Delft-The Netherlands

Dear Adam,

You were our tour guide to Muir Woods Sausalito private SUV tour from San Francisco back in June 2007. We booked your Muir woods wine country by mistake. Nelly ,your assistant, helped us to cancel the Muir Woods Wine country tour and booked for us Muir Woods Sausalito Private Tour .My sister can hardly walk, your muir woods private SUV tour was precisely what we needed! You kindly offered me, my sisters & my husband a free hiking tour in Muir Woods highlands (Mount Tamalpais).While hiking, you drove our sister around to see the Oceanside....We loved the panoramic views from the top of Mount Tamalpais! We attached one photos for you so you can recognize us. You Muir Woods's tour was just perfect! Quite frankly, we did not expect that much from your Muir woods private tour. We were lucky to have as our tour guide driver. Thank you Golden Horizon Travel! You expanded our horizon on this tour.
Helsinki- Finland
Annukka,Eviilina Elina and Albert Uosukainen

We missed our tour to the Yosemite Sequoias and falls on Friday  6 2008. We decided to go online to find a local Private SUV tour to Muir woods and Sausalito. We were impressed by the number of positive reviews about Golden Horizon Travel and we were not disappointed! Muir woods Sausalito private tour was a 4 hours tour, which allowed us to spend the rest of the day in Sausalito where we enjoyed walking along the bay, shopping and ended up having dinner at Horizons. My wife and I wanted to thank you all for the greats service you offered .Many thanks to your tour guide Joe, he was great. We forgot our camera at the hotel, he took the time touring us  in Muir Woods and Sausalito even on his brake time. We wanted to thank him for the great photos he made and kindly sent them all to my wife's email address. My favorite photos in Muir Woods is the one standing by a huge redwood tree in Cathedral Grove.  I personally have been already to Muir Woods on a mini bus tour. We were rushed all the time and could enjoy one single location as we expected. I recommend the private SUV Tour to Muir Woods or any other location to those who are looking  for spending quality time in privacy. Thank you all at Golden Horizon Travel.
Jeff  and Carol Lee

After I took a vacation trip to San Francisco last week, I'm really consider moving to San Francisco, there are many places to go and even though it looks expensive it really not as much as other parts of the US. And you can enjoy a very good weather almost every year too, it is not so extreme tan other places.
thanks to my trip I could see how locals live and also I like so much the big city, many interesting sites and different cultures,  it's like being in the United Nations
Thank you guys from Golden Horizon Travel to show me this beautiful city, let me tell you  My trip to San Francisco was incredible, we went to many famous movies location as the Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz, the famous Golden Gate Bridge, North Beach.  I really appreciated that  my guide tour came on time to my hotel and we spent a splendid day visiting San Francisco, Muir Woods and Sausalito, I really enjoy the Muir Woods it was so good to be out of the city for a while !  really recommendable tour. You might  fall in love with this city as I am.
Greda Lorenzo

El mejor servicio : detalles que hacen esta agencia la Mejor! gracias‎
Nuestra familia contrato los servicios de Golden Horizon Travel no solo para un tour sino para tres!! El primero de nuestros tours fue en San Francisco, Muir Woods y Sausalito, mi esposo y mis hijos nunca habían estado en San Francisco antes y les encanto ver que en esta ciudad hay tantos lugares que ver y visitar. Pudimos bajar en el Puente de  Golden Gate Y tomarle fotos desde todos los ángulos, desde Fort Mason, luego desde el vista point , luego desde Marin Headlands,  estuvimos encantados porque ninguna agencia de viajes  lo hace, solo te llevan a un solo sitio para que tomes las fotos 5 a 10 minutos y eso sería todo.
Nos fuimos luego a Yosemite Nacional Park el tour privado de un día  fue excepcional y fabuloso.  Nuestro guía nos llevo a ver los arboles de Sequioa  gigantes, luego fuimos al mirador de Glacier Point y por supuesto paseamos a ver las cataratas cercas al Valle, pero como lamentablemente ahora están bajo de caudal, nuestro guía no quiso desanimarnos y nos llevo al Glacier Point, realmente un lugar mágico, con vistas de otras cascadas como Nevada Fall y Vernal Fall , realmente estos lugares se visitan en los tours de dos días pero nuestro Guía quiso que conociéramos mas.  Realmente nuestro tour de 12 horas demando  17 horas pero no nos cobraron las horas adicionales.
Otro día tomamos el tour privado en SUV para conocer Monterey, mis hijos querían ir al acuario y a ver las ballenas, así que adaptamos nuestro tour para ellos, la idea de ver a las ballenas en pleno mar los tenia súper emocionados, aunque no pudimos lograr ver a las ballenas al menos se contentaron con haber visto las nutrias y las medusas en el acuario.  Lo que más nos agrado es que el SUV que nos asignaron era de lo mas cómodo y espacioso e incluso contaba con dvd para ver o escuchar música, Nelly  una de las guías, compro películas en español para que mis hijos pudieran ver y entretenerse  durante el camino, realmente a mi esposo y a mí nos pareció fascinante este  detalle.
Esta empresa no solo ofrece un servicio único sino que sus detalles y su amabilidad nos hacen sentir parte de una  familia.
Realmente les recomiendo a  tomar sus tours con esta agencia de viajes.!
Gabriela Martini
Argentina 2008

Our visit to San Francisco was a pleasant trip, we chose Golden Horizon Travel because we read people's reviews and we found them very interesting, so my husband and I took a tour to San Francisco, Muir Woods and Sausalito last week. We really enjoyed the trip. The tour guide was funny, he knew where to go to avoid traffic jam and he was very informative and knowledge. The best part of our trip definitely was the photo stop overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge….we loved it !!Thank you Golden Horizon Travel for our San Francisco Muir Woods and Sausalito Private Tour.
Valeriya and Sergei