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Mammoth Lakes Tour Reviews

My wife and I want you to know how much we enjoyed our time with you and how much we regret the distance that separates us.

Adam and Mily were so welcoming and so generous in carrying on with our trip when the two American ladies withdrew at the last moment. Adam's passion for Yosemite and his educated and deeply-researched knowledge of the area, its geography, geology, trees and animals gave us insights, views and opportunities that made us feel less like tourists and more like students.

Most of all, we loved travelling with your company. We hope that both enjoyed the outing as much as we did.

I started out thinking that Adam had taken us to "photographers' Heaven" but with so many subjects and such vast scenery to photograph and my cameras being so inadequate, it was frustrating not to have the skills and equipment to capture the beauty and scale of Yosemite. However, even better than photos are the vivid memories that we have brought home with us. I have some photos to send to you when I have finished editing and sorting.

We thought that San Francisco was a great city and would love to return. We will return soon to go to the Grand Canyon and hope to visit this amazing place with your guide.

Thank you for your company and many kindnesses, If you ever have a chance to travel to Australia please let us know so that we can attempt to return some of your hospitality. We hope that we can meet again.

In the meantime we are telling all our friends not to visit California without booking a trip with Golden Horizon Travel.

Yours sincerely
Bob and Faith

Una palabra para describir nuestra fascinante aventura a los lagos de Mammoth se podria describir como increible, no podiamos imaginarnos siquiera que este lugar estuviera tan lleno de vida, estar en contacto con la naturaleza, hacer deportes al aire libre, caminar, remar en el lago, un sinfín de actividades. Regresamos a casa llenos de nostalgia por haber vivido 3 dias una aventura increíble!, buen trabajo al personal de Golden Horizon Travel por haber organizado tan bien esta excursión para nosotros.
Familia Perez Lujan
Buenos Aires, Argentina