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Yosemite Two Day Tour reviews

Dear Adam,
We are a group of hikers from Sweden and Ireland. We loved your Yosemite tour. your Yosemite Two Day Tour is fantastic! This Yosemite tour offered all of us amazing views of the Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Half dome, El Capitan and Yosemite waterfalls including the famous Yosemite falls down in the Yosemite Valley. The Yosemite tour was fantastic! We have never seen such concentration of wonders in one park. The Yosemite tour is really unique! The Yosemite hotel was well located by the Merced River offering such serenity away from the city. The Yosemite hotel amenities including breakfast were a bonus for us. We spent the evening chatting with other folks from Japan, New Zealand, and Russia, after such adventure in the Yosemite Valley. The following day was a breathtaking adventure to the Yosemite Glacier Point and then to the Yosemite Mariposa Grove, home to the Yosemite Giant Sequoias. We understand now why Ansel Adams and President Roosevelt and John Muir fell in love with the Yosemite National Park and Glacier Point!
Thank you all from all of us.


Peter and Agatha Gösta- Kerstin, Svante

Oslo Sweden

We spend 9 hours on your Muir Woods Escapade tour with my group from Germany on March 2008. We really enjoyed hiking up on Mount Tamalpais. We came to San Francisco several times in the past for business purposes. But no tour company offers this tour. We liked it because we spend the whole day outdoor enjoying Muir Woods Escapade tour scenery and vista points. My group had and enjoyed a picnic lunch at Stinson beach. We hope we will come back by the fall for a convention at the Moscone Center and take the opportunity to go on your two-day tour to the Yosemite and hiking in Mariposa Sequoias Grove. We love hiking away from the crowd. Your tour is perfect and amazingly different from all the other local tour companies. In addition, your tour guide (E.Hanz) speaks fluently German and was very friendly with us. Sincerely, Peter P. Lentz (on behalf of my group

Cologne- Germany

Empezamos nuestra aventura seleccionando la mejor ruta para hacer senderismo en el Yosemite, junto con nuestro guia – expert  decidimos hacer la caminata hacia el Glacier Point desde el valle de Yosemite, el trayecto es bastante  y divertido, empezamos bien temprano para poder aprovechar el dia y salimos con nuestras mochilas llenas de dulces, bebidas rehidratante y mucho entusiasmo, la caminata  lo pudimos hacer en casi 4 horas y media, pudimos ver tantas cosas interesantes, nuestro guía nos explicaba los tipos de  arboles que veíamos en el camino, los animales que encontramos  e incluso tuvimos la suerte de ver un osito medio oculto que esta merodeando por los arboles.  Cuando llegamos a Glacier Point la vista era increíble, se veía los picos de las montañas en el horizonte, respiramos  el aire puro de las montanas y pudimos tomar muchas fotos durante nuestro recorrido.  Nuestro guía siempre estaba al pendiente de nosotros y dándonos lo mejor de su experiencia.
Edgar, Maite, Doris, Salvador, Micaela

Mexico DF, Mexico


We liked hiking and we read that Yosemite National Park has many loops and trails to hike so we booked our Yosemite One Day tour with Golden Horizon Travel and we had really great time…the Yosemite Park is huge, there are many places and beautiful landscapes. The timing we went what so good, because we avoid the peak season and the crowded places. The hiking to see the Giant Sequoias, they are so big, and also we had the chance to hike with other peoples, the effort was so grateful we had a panoramic view of the sierra. Great place and looking forward to take your Yosemite Two Day tour soon.


I got to post this Yosemite bus tour review before I forget. My friends and I wanted to rent a van from San Jose and drive up to the Yosemite but we ended up having 18 people instead of 12.We called Golden Horizon Travel and asked for a Yosemite mini bus tour for an affordable rate. They offered us 25% off! And a free pick up and drop off in San Jose. None of the other operators we contacted wanted to pick us up in San Jose!. We took the tour to the Yosemite, the bus was comfortable and the tour was customized to our group. We enjoyed watching a DVD about the Yosemite national park on the way to the Yosemite park. The tour guide was awesome and knowledgeable. We visited the Sequoias Grove in the Yosemite. We saw a couple of bears they were cute. The Yosemite bus tour was unique and fun! We all loved it and thank you all at Golden Horizon Travel. Albert S. Moore.



Your Muir Woods Escapade tour is so different and unconventional. We didn't hear this tour before. Many tour companies do not realize that Muir Woods is much more than Redwoods Trees, there are many sites to see in your Muir Woods Escapade Tour, first we really liked to take a loop in the Muir Woods National Park, we did, then we went to Muir Woods Beach and saw the Pacific Ocean so immense and had the chance to put our toes in the water what a delicious sensations and we had a picnic at Stinson Beach. From Mount Tamalpais we could see 360 degrees of San Francisco City. It was so pretty, really enjoyed your Muir Woods Escapade tour.



First I'd like to say I'm a real customer and not some PR guy writing this review. I'm writing this because I believe good service should be made aware to others who are looking for an unforgettable experience just as I was last week. To save on search time, I figured I'd write a review on my experience with golden horizon travel. I just came back from an amazing Yosemite Tour and I just have to say, our tour guide Adam was not only very knowledge but also super accommodating. When I was evaluating different tours, my priorities were to make the tour as comfortable as possible which meant I wanted a tour that was :

Well my girlfriend and I found all this with our tour guide adam not only stopped at a grocery store prior to arriving at the park to save on food for the hike (park prices are astronomical) but he also went as far as giving me the coat off his back to combat my cold and headache condition as a result of my car motion sickness on the way up. The weather conditions this memorial day weekend were rainy and despite how much we were a little bummed because it was cold and rainy, his spirits were up and still tailored on the fly which sites we still could see and better shortcuts to get there to avoid the major crowds. By the afternoon, the crowd at Yosemite was insane and the 2 lane roads were all backed up in most cases but Adam always seemed to know where to turn to avoid it. I was particularly impressed that he knew how to combat the areas where there was construction going on and how to get out of a backed up situation so quickly to get to where we're going instead of wasting time waiting in traffic. We got to see Bridal Falls, Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, and a bunch of other places which I don't remember names of. now that I'm home and thoroughly exhausted from the tour ( which was just 2 days ago), my girlfriend and I were very happy we went and would more than likely book the tour again when we make it back to yosemite. This time around it will probably be more than one day. Not knowing how many places there are to visit and hike in day just isn't enough and there is something to be said about having a tour guide to show you around the in's and outs and knowing the key places to see most tours don't cover is a definite bonus especially for first timers like us.
I hope this helps others in their search for a tour.

Good luck,

Phill Kuo 05/28/2008


Hola a todos. una pequeña nota de agradecimiento a los chicos de la empresa turística Golden Horizon Travel en San Francisco por hacer de nuestro tours en San Francisco y de Yosemite tours tan divertido y ameno.
Llamamos para pedir un guía turístico que pudiera hacer el tour en español y efectivamente nos proporcionaron un guía bilingüe para nuestros tours de San Francisco y de Yosemite.
Nuestro guía conocía San Francisco como la palma de su mano. Incluso nos ofrecieron una hora más de recorrido por la ciudad sin cobrarnos la hora adicional. Nuestro tours por Yosemite fue una experiencia excepcional pudimos caminar para ver los arboles sequoias y tuvimos la suerte de ver a los osos. Fue muy grato. Mi esposa y mis hijos disfrutaron de estos tours en San Francisco y en Yosemite Park.

Dear Adam,

This is a note to say thank you for the SUV Tour to Yosemite. We (I) asked for as much as you could squeeze into the Yosemite day tour and you did not disappoint. The hike to the Yosemite Sequoias was great especially tunneling through the Yosemite Giant Sequoia tree. Moving on to the Yosemite Valley the great initial Yosemite view and then the spectacular lunch spot from which I now have my own color version of an Ansel Adams Yosemite photo through to the Yosemite Glacier Point and the ever-changing views of the Yosemite Half Dome and the snow topped background. Add to this, sighting the Yosemite bears and the opportunity to see the impact of the evening light on the Yosemite landscape led to a day that met all expectations (and they started high!).
Having established it was a special place to visit the day was only enhanced by the fact that as Tour Guide your enthusiasm and willingness to try to deliver the optimum experience made it a complete pleasure for which Naomi, Emily, Ben and myself are very grateful.
I hope this conveys how much we enjoyed the Yosemite Tour with Golden Horizon Travel as part of our trip to San Francisco.

Thanks and kind regards

John D. -UK on 06/08/2008

The Yosemite tour is awesome! The Yosemite National Park tour offered my sister and I incredible views of the Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Half dome,El Capitan & Yosemite waterfalls such the Yosemite falls in the Yosemite Valley Floor. The Yosemite tour is wonderful! We enjoyed walking to the Yosemite falls dominated by Half Dome and Glacier Point. We also admired central valley and the Sierra Nevada highlands before coming into the Yosemite Park where we had a breathtaking photo stops overlooking the Merced canyon and the Yosemite Valley! The Yosemite tour is awesome! We had a great time in the Yosemite! Your tour guide joined us on a hike to marvel at the Yosemite Giant Sequoias grove in the Yosemite Park. The hiking trail was challenging somehow as we were coming back but the Yosemite Giant Sequoias worth such effort. The Yosemite Giant Sequoias are impressive! We also saw a bear with her babies in the Yosemite meadows! Your Yosemite tour offered us a unique experience of the Yosemite National Park as the Yosemite meadows were still covered by snow in April 2006.
Many thanks from my sister and I(the Yosemite girls).
Guiliana and Ning YLeeing

Hong Kong-China

I took the tour to Yosemite Park, it was wonderful, we went through the Sierra Nevada and the sights were amazing!  I  had a great time, our tour guide went hiking with us to see the Big Sequoias,  the hiking trail was challenging somehow as we were coming back but the Giant Sequoias worth such efforts. We still impressed how small we look stand next to the tree trunk in our pictures. We also saw a bear with her babies in the meadows. That was a unique experience as the meadows were still covered by snow.
The tour guide was hilarious. We didn't to hike but made convinced us to   hike with him and are grateful to your tour guide (Buddy)

Many thanks From my sister and I

Martha and Nina Smith

I really love Golden Horizon Travel website. My boy friend and I booked our Yosemite two-day tour from Hong Kong stands out from other thanks to the information and great pictures this website provides. We found it very easy use.
The Yosemite Tour was and still our best tour of all time! We enjoyed a lot hiking to the Yosemite Falls, the Yosemite Giant Redwoods and the Yosemite Valley. The Tour Guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you Golden Horizon Travel from my boy friend Alex and I.

Melinda Lee Chang



I took the tour to Yosemite Park, it was wonderful, we went through the Sierra Nevada and the sights were amazing !  I  had a great time, our tour guide went hiking with us to see the Big Sequoias,  the hiking trail was challenging somehow as we were coming back but the Giant Sequoias worth such efforts. We still impressed how small we look stand next to the tree trunk in our pictures. We also saw a bear with her babies in the meadows. That was a unique experience as the meadows were still covered by snow.
The tour guide was hilarious and knowledgeable. We didn't to hike but made convinced us to hike with him and are grateful to your tour guide (Nicolas).
Many thanks from my sister and I
Chen oi sing

Hong Kong-China

May 9, 2008

El mejor servicio : detalles que hacen esta agencia la Mejor! gracias‎
Nuestra familia contrato los servicios de Golden Horizon Travel no solo para un tour sino para tres!! El primero de nuestros tours fue en San Francisco, Muir Woods y Sausalito, mi esposo y mis hijos nunca habian estado en San Francisco antes y les encanto ver que en esta ciudad hay tantos lugares que ver y visitar. Pudimos bajar en el Puente de  Golden Gate Y tomarle fotos desde todos los ángulos, desde Fort Mason, luego desde el vista point , luego desde Marin Headlands,  estuvimos encantados porque ninguna agencia de viajes  lo hace, solo te llevan a un solo sitio para que tomes las fotos 5 a 10 minutos y eso sería todo.
Nos fuimos luego a Yosemite Nacional Park el tour privado de un dia fue excepcional y fabuloso.  Nuestro guía nos llevo a ver los arboles de Sequoia gigantes, luego fuimos al mirador de Glacier Point y por supuesto paseamos a ver las cataratas cercas al Valle, pero como lamentablemente ahora están bajo de caudal, nuestro guía no quiso desanimarnos y nos llevo al Glacier Point, realmente un lugar mágico, con vistas de otras cascadas como Nevada Fall y Vernal Fall, realmente estos lugares se visitan en los tours de dos días pero nuestro Guía quiso que conociéramos mas.  Realmente nuestro tour de 12 horas demando 17 horas pero no nos cobraron las horas adicionales.
Otro día tomamos el tour privado en SUV para conocer Monterey, mis hijos querían ir al acuario y a ver las ballenas, así que adaptamos nuestro tour para ellos, la idea de ver a las ballenas en pleno mar los tenia súper emocionados, aunque no pudimos lograr ver a las ballenas al menos se contentaron con haber visto las nutrias y las medusas en el acuario.  Lo que mas nos agrado es que el SUV que nos asignaron era de lo mas cómodo y espacioso e incluso contaba con dvd para ver o escuchar música, Nelly  una de las guías, compro películas en español para que mis hijos pudieran ver y entretenerse  durante el camino, realmente a mi esposo y a mí nos pareció fascinante este  detalle.
Esta empresa no solo ofrece un servicio único sino que sus detalles y su amabilidad nos hacen sentir parte de una familia.
Realmente les recomiendo a  tomar sus tours con esta agencia de viajes.!


Gabriela Martini

Just a few words...our private tour to Yosemite Park last weekend was amazing, we didn't know that the park is so big and crowded especially on weekend and we were so lucky the day was sunny ...we are from South America and right now in our country is  cold. So we were blessing to have such a wonderful day. thank you our tour guide to show the wonders of this Yosemite National Park, we could see the Bridal veils Falls, the Capitan, the Sequoias and the Half Dome. We recommend to take a private tour to Yosemite that is the only way to go around and see what you want and spent quality time when you like.  

Richard Patrick.

The Yosemite winter tour from san Francisco-California to the Yosemite offered my group and me our best trip to a US national park. California national parks have a lot to offer. The photos stops along El Capitan & Half Dome were our best in the Yosemite Valley. Touring the Yosemite on your turtle top van allowed us to get in & out easily to picture the Yosemite waterfalls during the guided tour in the park. The Yosemite DVDs were a bonus for all us. We enjoyed every single photo stop along the Merced River in the Yosemite Valley. The Yosemite waterfalls offer a different perspective in winter. Some of the Yosemite waterfalls were partially frozen. The Yosemite falls in wintertime are more impressive than the Yosemite falls in Summer time. Touring the Yosemite Park with a tour guide make the difference. We learned a lot about the Geology of the Yosemite and How El Capitan and Half Dome where formed. Unfortunately, we could not make up to Glacier Point due snow. Glacier point was on our list but we hope will return to the Yosemite and hike to Glacier Point from the Yosemite Valley to see the Yosemite   hidden waterfalls. You travel and vacation package to the Yosemite are pretty affordable and interesting. We also, enjoyed hiking on the snow to the Yosemite redwoods. The Sequoias tree trunk in the Tuolumne Grove is wider than the  twelve customers standing one next to each other. The Yosemite Redwoods and the Yosemite waterfalls exceeded our expectations. The black bears we saw at Glacier Point were so cute. We enjoyed hiking from the Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point. Glacier Point offers spectacular views over the Yosemite Valley and the back roads where spectacular waterfalls drop down into the valley. That was a dream that came though. Many thanks to your tour Guide Nicolas Forstier.

Nurul & Ning Amalina

On behalf of the group

Tampines- Singapore