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Wine Country

Carmel Tour Reviews

El tour charter  privado a Carmel para nuestro grupo fue una aventura única y divertida,  pudimos recorrer la ciudad de Carmel by the Sea, conocer la costanera, sus lugares turísticos y románticos,  pasearnos por sus callecitas llenas de locales comerciales y   de galerías de arte, empaparse de su atmosfera bohemia, lo mejor de todo es disfrutar de la  tranquilidad y  seguridad de esta encantadora ciudad de Carmel.  Nuestro grupo decidió ir a almorzar al restaurante de Clint Eastwood,  famoso actor y director de cine que fue alcalde de esta encantadora ciudad años atrás.  Incluso pudimos visitar la antigua misión de Carmel y aprender algo de historia.
Fabiana  y Javier Luque

Salta Argentina

Marisa dePaulis-Hawn

Muir Woods Tour Review with San Francisco city tour, Wine Country Tour Review, Monterey Carmel tour review:
My mother recently had her 80th birthday. Having lost her husband, my father, 6 months ago, my sister and I decided to take my mother on a trip to refresh her mind and body.  She is recovering from a stroke.
She had never seen California before. We live on the East Coast. We wanted to see the redwoods, the pacific, the wine country, the golden gate, the city and all the wonders found in the Bay area.  We only had 4 days to see all these things....what to do?
How do we make sure my mother is safe, comfortable, relaxed and enjoying these sights?
Luck led to meet Adam at golden horizon I spoke with Adam by phone, he understood our needs, and we arranged a two-day private tour.
My family can not say enough good things about Adam. He was kind, protective, proactive, knowledgeable from history to horticulture, multi-lingual, musical, humorous, interesting, a safe driver, great company, polite, a great teacher.... and the list can continue until all superlatives in the English language are exhausted. My mother is still talking about the trip and how perfect it was even with the recent fires. Adam knew how to outsmart the smoke and the traffic. We saw everything we hoped for, and more without the trip being hectic or exhausting. The pace was comfortable and we learned and experienced with joy.
The tour was customized to us and our unique situation. Adam did everything to be at my mother's arm at every door step and incline. He even borrowed a golf cart from a golfer at Pebble Beach in order to give my mother a ride, sparing her a steep, outside staircase.  We did not need to ask...he intuitively knew how to help and be "present" to our needs.
If you are considering a tour with Adam and Golden Horizon , I hope you will make a reservation. You will not be disappointed and I happy to be a reference.
Thank you, Adam. My mother is still boasting to all about you.

Happy Travels

M. dePaulis-Hawn


Dear Adam,

My boy friend and I took your Monterey SUV tour to tour Monterey-Carmel and the Monterey 17 Miles Drive. We enjoyed the scenic drive on California coast highway 1 on the way to Monterey Bay. The SUV was pretty comfortable and the tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We spent quality time in Monterey Cannery Row shopping and walking in the old Monterey Fisherman's Wharf. My sister recommended Your Monterey private SUV tour .She actually went on you Yosemite Private SUV tour with her family .They loved it! We enjoyed touring Monterey 17 Mile Drive on the SUV. Your Monterey SUV tours offered us many photos stops along Monterey 17 Miles Drive.The photo stops are breathtaking. We saw whales and seals along the Monterey Bay. Monterey Bay is definitely much bigger that we expected. Carmel and Pebble Beach are not as old as Monterey Cannery Row. However, they are amazing! Pebble Beach Golf course is pretty fancy and awesome. If we have to rate your Monterey Carmel SUV tour, we would simply say that your Monterey Private SUV Tour is Excellent!


Elena Gomez and Juan Santos Barcelona-Spain


We took the tour to Monterey and Carmel valley . Carmel By -the –Sea offered my family and I the best photos of our lifetime. We love Golf, we really enjoyed Pebble Beach Golf Resort. Monterey Has also a lot to offer. Monterey vacation and travel can't be done with a stop at the cannery row in the city of  Monterey by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I personally liked Monterey old fisherman's wharf , it is a picturesque old harbor where seals and sea otters can be seen along the bay shore . The Monterey lighthouse is pretty old as well but we could visit it due to the lack of time. We enjoyed watching the monarch butterfly traveling along Monterey Bay flying over the local Cypress trees. My wife enjoyed the 17 miles drive and the short hike we took to the beach. The Monterey Park and golf courses are lined along the Monterey bay in such way that we wished we could play golf there to enjoy the serenity of Monterey bay. The 17 miles drive is awesome and interesting when it's not foggy! Your tour guide offered us more photos stops along Monterey-Carmel 17 miles drive than we expected. Lone cypress and Pebble Beach were our favorite photos stops on the famous 17 miles. Many thanks to the tour guide for the great tour! Ramon,Jerald ,Jessica & Ted Cortez

St. Petersburg, Fl .

March 30,2008

Monterey, Carmel,17 miles drive Carmel valley. These are the words that come to our mind on our last trip to Monterey-Carmel bay area. We had such a good time in Monterey-Carmel and the 17 mile drive that decided to come back next year with our friends. We love Gold. We wanted to thank for the extra time you offered us at Pebble beach golf course by Carmel City. California Monterey and Carmel valley exceeded our expectations. Also, Carmel By -the –Sea and the views that profile from Carmel beach over Carmel Valley and the Carmel 17 miles drive was a great stop for all of us .
We learned a lot about the history of Monterey bay, Monterey Park, Monterey city and countryside of  Monterey and Camel thanks to you knowledgeable tour guide.
Vacation and travel to California can't be completed with a day or two in Monterey   & Carmel area. The cannery row in the city of  Monterey & the Monterey Bay Aquarium by the  Monterey  fisherman's wharf  is so picturesque picturesque .We enjoyed a the seafood restaurant in the Cannery Row overlooking the Monterey bay shoreline where seals and sea otters lie  . Monterey bay and parks are Monterey best assets .The Monterey light house  is interesting as were driving towards Monterey-Carmel 17 miles drive . The 17 miles drive spectacular, the flowers, the beach the flora and the fauna makes Monterey-Carmel Bay Shore line unique.  The Monterey parks and golf courses are lined up along the 17 miles drive on the way down to Camel. We wish we could have a house long Monterey-Carmel    17 miles drive .We loved the photos stop along  Monterey-Carmel 17 miles drive-Lone cypress ,seal rock and pebble beach are awesome. We had a walk at Carmel beach in Carmel city . Carmel is probably California best coastal cities. We also had 30 minutes to visit Carmel mission in Carmel valley. Carmel mission so old and has an interesting history. You tour guide offered us an extra hour to enjoy the steakhouse in Carmel Valley. It seems that Clint Eastwood live Carmel Valley. We wish he would show up there! Golden Horizon Travel has really exceeded our expectations!

Erika & Mark Harris


October 10,2008

My boy friend and I took the trip to Monterey-Carmel tour. We booked your bus tour however, we ended up going on a small group van tour with other friendly people from New Zealand, Australia, and Norway. We made some good friends during the trip. We loved the scenery on scenic highway 1 in Monterey Bay and on the 17 miles drive. We spend almost three hours at the cannery row walking and shopping after visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Carmel Down town by-the-sea stop was also interesting. We had a pleasant walk along the beach overlooking Pebble beach golf course. We did not have time to visit the mission of Carmel. We hope we will do it on our next trip to California.


Cristina Rosales Cantabria –Spain


Our Monterey tour on 10/16/08 with Golden Horizon Travel was an awesome tour! We  were looking for a Monterey Carmel Bus tour online, we found too many tour operators in San Francisco who run tours to Monterey, we  got confused. However, my wife  landed on a page with   great reviews about Golden Horizon Travel .We booked our Monterey Carmel tour with them and we loved the tour, The tour  to Monterey and Carmel was informative , fun and hilarious thanks to the tour guide. I have a friend who went on a Monterey bus tour last year with a famous tour operator in San Francisco, he was very disappointed and did even like Monterey. When I shared my photos we took in Monterey and Carmel, he didn't even  recognize these locations.! We really like the way Golden Horizon Travel conduct their Monterey Tours. The tour guide decided to  go to Carmel  first to avoid the crowd in Monterey by noon and then we ended the tour in Monterey  Cannery Row when the crowd was gone on the 17Mile Drive to Carmel by the Sea.


Rob and Marie Garcia

Albuquerque, NM

Monterey bus charter review by Sarah Cohen

My group of 52 business travelers who came to San Francisco for business purposes charged me to book a group tour to Monterey and Carmel. I looked over and over the charter bus tour to Monterey-Carmel and couldn't decide until I read some interesting tour reviews about Monterey tours by Golden Horizon Travel.  I always check out the tour reviews when I travel with my family and group to California and San Francisco in particular. I finally booked the Monterey Carmel bus charter tour with Golden Horizon Travel. I decided to post this tour review because my clients loved the Monterey Carmel tour with Golden Horizon Travel. They were offered extra time at each photo stop on the 17 Mile Drive, Pebble beach and in Carmel by the Sea. In addition,  2 extra hours were offered to them for no extra charge. I have to say that a state certified knowledgeable tour guide make the difference!  Golden Horizon Travel also included lunch on our Monterey Carmel tour . My group had a great time and I wish all tours I organize would be as fun and interesting as the  Monterey bus tour.  Many thanks to Nelly and  Golden Horizon Travel's staff who does a terrific job! 

Sarah Cohen